Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quote: Rolf Harris, Part 2

(First posted 4 Dec 2008)
Readers may recall that Rolf Harris featured recently in these pages for his demonstration of diplomacy Rolf Harris style.
Rolf apologised for the "let my abos go loose, Lou, they're of no further use" lyric in the original version of Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport, then proceeded to get stuck into them as being lazy, dirty and non-disciplined. It seemed a funny sort of apology.
Rolf has now apologised for the apology, reported in today's SMH at:

From that article:
He said yesterday that the remarks were made in response to a documentary he had seen about the state of indigenous accommodation around Uluru.
It's all a matter of feeling really rough and having somebody jump onto me for a quote about something or other. I quite honestly should have kept my mouth shut, and gritted my teeth and not said anything. I would just like to apologise for causing offence to anybody.

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