Thursday, February 4, 2010

Words: Macquarie Dictionary 2009 Word of the Year

Official announcement:
Word of the Year:
"Shovel-ready": a building or infrastructure project capable of being initiated immediately, as soon as funding is assured. "Shovel-ready projects were worthy to receive money from the economic stimulus package because they could provide jobs immediately.'' - editor Susan Butler.
People's Choice:
"Tweet": to post a message on the social network site Twitter.
Honourable Mentions:
"Head-nodder'': a supporter of a politician or other media figure who stands beside them in the frame of a television shot and nods his or her head in agreement with what the speaker is saying;
"Cyberbully'': a person who bullies another using email, chat rooms and social network sites;
"Roar factor'': the influence that a home crowd has on a referee or umpire in making adjudications.

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