Monday, October 3, 2011

Quote: Tim Berners-Lee


"n an extreme view, the world can be seen as only connections, nothing else. We think of a dictionary as the repository of meaning, but it defines words only in terms of other words. I liked the idea that a piece of information is really defined only by what it’s related to, and how it’s related.
There really is little else to meaning. The structure is everything. There are billions of neurons in our brains, but what are neurons? Just cells. The brain has no knowledge until connections are made between neurons. All that we know, all that we are, comes from the way our neurons are connected."
-           Tim Berners-Lee
Sir Timothy John “Tim” Berners-Lee (1955 - ) is a British physicist, computer scientist and MIT professor who is credited with the invention of the World Wide Web,  a system of interlinked hypertext documents accessed via the Internet.

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  1. the best invention that is invented is the internet. but dont say that we cant live without it because the internet is just like a pile of books every thing in the internet you can find in books.before the internet was invented or even the computers,tv,telephone or even elctricity there were lots of books made and lots of poets were famaous because they used there minds.thats what a computer is about. the computer is like a human brain but smarter,actually its not smarter we are living things a computer is non-living his language is 10101000...our languages are eng,arabic.french......they callvit smart because he calculates an equation in less then a second we can do that if we stop putting our minds in the clouds.stop distracting your selvesdo sth for your communitty to improve for a better jeneration(:thanks.xo btw im only12 and i figured all that how are gonna figure it out(lana twait-jordan-amman)


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