Sunday, March 11, 2012

Flood drive


Byter John emailed me a link to a video clip of a fire truck driving through flood waters. 

The clip can be viewed by clicking on the following link:

At first I assumed that it was taken during the New South Wales floods last week.  Apart from the amazement at the depth of the water that the truck manages to get through, my other reaction was that it seemed a bit of a silly thing to attempt.

Looking into it a bit deeper, it emerged (ha ha) that the story was from Christmas Day 2011 during floods in Melbourne’s northeast and that the truck involved was from the Country Fire Authority.  The CFA  provides firefighting and other emergency services to the country areas and regional townships within Victoria and to parts of  the outer suburban areas of Melbourne not covered by the Metropolitan Fire Brigade.

An investigation was launched (ha ha) into the incident but I am unaware of the outcome.  It has been suggested that once the crossing commenced, the driver needed to keep going but the driver has found himself in hot water (okay, enough of the water puns) in that the  incident occurred at the same time as authorities were warning drivers in the state not to drive, walk or ride through floodwaters.

Some points to note about the clip:

·         the logs and timbers near the windscreen at the beginning of the clip;

·         the size of the bow wave.

Some other vids of extreme drive throughs:

Stupid driver goes through fast floodwater in bus with kids:

Army truck drives through floodwaters during Hurricane Irene:

Truck drives through water with bow wave nearly completely over windscreen:

Driving in water along the shoreline:

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