Thursday, July 26, 2012

Banksy Knock Offs - Part 2:

Continuing the Daily Mail article on photographer Nick Stern's recreations, using real people and real objects, of some of the works of anonymous street artist Banksy, at:

 Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery: Stern, a British born photographer, says he loves Banksy's 'cheek and humour'

 Spot the difference: Banksy's work shows a young girl frisk a soldier as a machine gun appears propped against the wall

‘It still has that (Quentin) Tarantino feel to it. Very dark,’ he said.

Stern, 47, who emigrated to LA five years ago from Hertfordshire, says he has always admired Banksy. ‘I love his cheek and humour,’ he said.

'Much of art is a recreation or interpretation of real life, but this is the other way round - I wanted real life to recreate art,’ he said of the concept.

Stern casts friends who look similar to Banksy’s characters to take part in the shoots.
This time round, he even managed to convince a Navy SEAL to pose as a soldier in the replication of the peace sign image.

 Painstaking: Stern spends weeks sourcing outfits and props for the shoot, he managed to find this working vintage sewing machine on Craigslist

 Social commentary: Banksy's piece shows a young barefooted boy working on a sewing machine

Laborious: Stern, 47, spent weeks scouring the internet for the costumes and props for his recreations

 Admiration: Stern says he has always liked the work of Banksy, a fellow Brit

Following the positive feedback from the series, Stern is hoping to release a book of the work in the fall.

But first Banksy needs to be onboard for his images to be reproduced, explained Stern. 

Stern has reached out to Banksy, who has not yet commented on what he thinks of the recreations.  

The name of the exhibition came from a piece of graffiti by Common Cents on Los Angeles’ Melrose Avenue.  

The image shows a woman holding a spray can with ‘You are a miracle’ written alongside. A prankster changed it to read, ‘You are not Banksy.’

 Famous: Stern is hoping to bring out a book this fall featuring his You Are Not Banksy photographs

 Famous: One of Bansky's most renowned works shows a policeman knelt down looking up furtively as if he is about to snort drugs

Art within art within art: Seen left is Stern's version of Banksy's version of Keith Haring's barking dog looking at? This young model, left, has managed to get the exact right quizzical expression

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