Sunday, October 28, 2012

Monday Pic

Google Earth has revealed some interesting landscapes and geographical items, indeed some people make it their hobby to scan the images on GE to come up with items of interest. Some of them will be featured in a future Bytes. 

One such image that came to attention in 2009 as a result of GE was an aerial view of the island of Galesnjak, located off the coast of Croatia. It is naturally heart shaped and hence has been called Island of Love and Lover’s Island. It is privately owned and is not inhabited. There are 3 burial mounds dating from Roman days and the foundations of an ancient building. The beach which runs around the shores of the island is 15km in length. 

Since being shown on Google Earth, the owner, Vlado Juresko, has been inundated by requests for lovers to stay on the island: 
"It has been incredible. We think it is the most perfect heart-shaped island in the world. Nobody lives there so if lovers really do want to spend time alone it's the perfect desert island. We always thought it looked a bit like a heart but since it's been on Google Earth everyone else has seen it too and the whole world seems to want to stay here.
Some other naturally occurring heart shapes: 

A white whale blows heart-shaped bubbles in the water in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province 

A heart shaped leaf 

A heart shaped lake near Brampton, Ontario, Canada 

Mangrove, Voh, New Caledonia 

Glass heart. Nahhh, I made that one up, everyone knows that heart of glass is by Blondie, not Nature.

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