Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Photo Week: Time Travel

Insofar as the posts on the weekend were wordy, followed up by yesterday’s photographs post, I have designated the rest of this week and the coming weekend Photo Week, all the Bytes will be photograph based and related.


Time Travellers on Film.

For those who don’t believe in time travel, there is photographic evidence, the truth is out there . . . 

#1: 1928 Charlie Chaplin film

The above still is from a Charlie Chaplin film, The Circus, dating from 1928. It clearly shows a woman (?) holding a mobile telephone to her ear. Don’t ask me how this was possible when there were no mobile telephone towers at the time. It may be that there is a mundane explanation, such as the person is holding an early type hearing aid, or that she was scratching an itch or shielding from the sun, but nonetheless there are more things in Heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our philosophy.


#2: 1941 Bridge opening

The above photograph is of the reopening of the South Fork Bridge in 1941 and comes from a photographic exhibition in Canada. The dude with the sunnies is clearly not from 1941. Skeptics may well point out that the style of sunglasses first appeared in the 1920’s and that he is wearing a shirt with an emblem of the type often worn by sports teams of the period, but you have to wonder.


#3. Woman with Mobile Telephone, 1938

Another out of time pic. 


#4. Astronaut carving, Salamanca Cathedral:

For those still not believing in time travel, here is the incontrovertible proof: the carving of an astronaut in the decorated facade of a 16th century church in Salamanca, Spain. 

Nahh, I can’t make that stick. There really is a carving of an astronaut but it was added in 1992 during restoration work, it being a tradition of cathedral builders and restorers to include a contemporary symbol on the building as a means of "signing" their work. In this case the astronaut was used as a symbol of the 20th century.


As Jerry Springer puts it, a final thought . . .

Till next time, take care of yourself and each other.


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