Saturday, June 15, 2013

Inappropriate Child Ads, Part 1

There has been a lot of discussion recently as to the sexualisation of children via child beauty pageants. Children have, however, been inappropriately depicted in advertising for some time, although that may not have been the thinking at the time. Advertising has also been targeted at children in ways that would not be considered suitable today. Here is a selection. . .

This is just so obviously wrong on so many levels that it does not need comment.

Why not get a gun for your toddler.

The opening paragraph of the ad reads 

“Every live, healthy boy wants a 'King' AirRifle. It's boy nature to want a gun; to want to get out in the fields and woods, nearest to nature, and enjoy youthful life to its fullest extent. Get your boy a 'King' Air Rifle. It will mean health and boyish happiness -- and steady nerves, keener eyesight and well-developed powers of observation." 

Every live, healthy boy?? 

Upskirts on toddlers for an airline ad. Was it seriously considered that this would help sell flight tickets in the 1950’s?

The deliberate sexualising of children in advertising makes you wonder which consumers the ads were targeting. How about the tagline: “Because innocence is sexier than you think.” Creepy. Does anyone else get reminded of Jon Benet Ramsay by this pic?

Is this funny? Or cute? Whimsical? Or creepy?

Was this intended to get mothers to give their children root beer whilst they’re tiny tots? And not just a glass, the ad calls for “another glass”. Not only does the ad prepare baby for future alcohol consumption, it also encourages binge drinking. 

Strictly not an ad about children but certainly inappropriate and involving a child, both racist and because the mother is willing to dump baby to satisfy her own needs. Question: Did this sell more soap?

Teach your child early to play with pills whilst undressed.

How soon should your child start drinking? And not just drink but make it a habit? Why not, it’s better than medicine.

Or give your bub straight corn syrup and see him grow up into a fine young fighter. Even if they didn’t know of the connection between boxing and Parkinson’s Disease in 1930, they did know that boxers ended up with brain damage, known as being “punchy”. 

“Tracy Harper may not care if fashionable chubby-sizes are hard to find – but her Mother does.” It seems that Tracy is cool with her body image, Mum and Sears are the ones with the problem.

Let’s not forget baby advocating the use of cigarettes, thereby avoiding domestic violence.

Why bother with an air rifle when your child can have a real gun to play with.

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