Thursday, August 29, 2013

10 More Images of Sydney Past

Construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Southern Approach, 1926.
That’s John Bradfield, the engineer who oversaw design and construction of the Bridge, behind the man holding the papers on the left. Now you also know how the Bradfield Highway received its name/

Corner Parramatta Road and Great North Road, Ashfield, 1930
Where the people are sitting, bottom left, is now the exit from the BP service station

George Street, Sydney 1901, decorated for the visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York. 
Note portrait of King and the Duke and Duchess on building further down the street.

Cnr Pitt and Spring Streets, pre 1880

Entrance to The Domain, Sydney, pre 1880.
The cannon are from the Crimean War, the statue is of Governor Bourke.

Central Station 1906

View of Redfern Street showing Court House and Post Office, Redfern. Undated

Redfern Post Office, c 1890’s

Wynard Station, Sydney, pouring roof slab 1930

Martin Place, Sydney, 1936
Sydney Hospital on Macquarie Street at rear

Bonus Pic:

Main reading room, State Library, Sydney.
Note the height of the woman, lower right.  Height can be gauged by the other persons at the same counter.

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