Thursday, January 9, 2014

Manhole Covers, Street Art and Graffiti

Last year I posted items about the artistic manhole covers in Japan. 

We have not yet exhausted the topic of such covers.

Today, some pics of street art and graffiti involving manhole covers . . .

Bratislava manhole cover Slovakia - supposedly based on illustration by Josef Lada for "The Good Soldier Ċ vejk"

“The Dweller Below” by Liam Manchester. 
It portrays a legendary boogeyman rising from beneath the streets of London through a manhole cover.

Manhole cover gallery and museum in Vienna, displaying various covers. Each town had its own manhole cover designs.

Strictly not a street art shot but a good Awwww! shot. It shows a squirrel stuck in a manhole cover in a street in Isernhagen, northern Germany on August 5, 2012. The squirrel was finally rescued and set free by the police after several attempts earlier using olive oil failed.

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  1. Some of them are absolute work of art. Thanks for this share.


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