Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tuesday Trivia

Some geographical trivia this week. . .

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I came across the following item in connection with a collection of photographs that I will post shortly.

The photos below are of a lake in Styria, Austria. It is named Gruner See, which translates to “Green Lake”, and it is found at the foot of the Hichschwab mountains. During winter the lake is about a metre deep and the area is used as a park, with wooden bridges, seats and walking paths. As the snows melt with the onset of warmer weather in spring, the lake fills to a depth of about 14 metres. The walking paths, seats and bridges become submerged and the hikers give way to scuba divers. The water is crystal clear and the grass and foliage beneath the water give the lake its green hue, hence its name.

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What are the most northern, southern, eastern and western U.S. States?

If you answered Hawaii and Alaska, go to the head of the class

Hawaii is the most southerly, which also gives me an opportunity to mention that last weekend Kate and I watched Grumpy Old Men and Grumpier Old Men again. I love Burgess Meredith, playing 91 year old Grandpa Gustafson, in both pics but he is especially good in the second. There is one scene with elderly Mama Ragetti that has a Hawaiian connection:

Mama Ragetti: We put everything into this place. We could have retired in Hawaii.
Grandpa Gustafson: I have been to Hawaii.
Mama Ragetti: Which island?
Grandpa Gustafson: Come-on-I-wanna-lay-ya.
Mama Ragetti: I find you disgusting.
Grandpa Gustafson: Well, just as long as you find me

See the clip at:

But I digress.

How is it, I hear you ask, (well, I imagine you are asking) that Alaska is the most northerly, easterly and westerly State of the US?

The answer is that Alaska's Aleutian Islands stretch up to the edge of the Western Hemisphere at the 180º line of Longitude, thus the most western state in the country. 

Alaska is also the answer for eastern, as the Aleutian Islands stretch across the 180º line of Longitude, into the Eastern Hemisphere, and up the edge of the Russian Federation. 

If you exclude Alaska and Hawaii, the answers are:

Most Northern Point: Angle, Minnesota 
Most Southern Point: East Cape, Florida 
Most Eastern Point: West Quoddy Head, Maine 
Most Western Point: Cape Alva, Washington

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