Monday, October 17, 2016

Reader Comments and Bike Paths


Last week I posted US panellist Ana Navarro’s comments on Donald Trump’s “locker room banter” about women. Tobye P, a Byter from the U S of A, sent me some observations thereon . . .
I like Ana Navarro-she’s usually pretty reasonable. However, she worked to make Jeb Bush the nominee. Didn’t do so well with her candidate, did she? I must say that if I were a “Politically Incorrect” person the words “Jeb Bush” and “pussy” might fit nicely in the same sentence-and that is why his campaign went nowhere fast. I don’t deny her feelings-but I think there are a few sour grapes involved!  
Of course what he said is reprehensible, no question-but no worse than any song by JZ, R Kelly and the rest of the boys. Or any sports bar or locker room. He’s not running for Pope.  
All this pearl clutching seems-unseemly to me. We have much bigger problems than Donald Trump’s potty mouth! But all this time is being wasted parsing his words-and it’s a distraction from the real issues. 
I’ll be glad when this is behind us! 

Btw. . . 

The Online Etymology Dictionary has this to say about the origin of the expression "potty mouth":

potty (n.)
1942, child's word for "chamber pot," from pot (n.1). Potty-training is attested from 1958. Potty-mouth "one who uses obscene language" is student slang from 1968.

Poland recently unveiled a solar powered illuminated bike path that is a delight in itself, never mind its functionality. It is powered by luminophores, synthetic materials which glow after being charged by the sun. Although different colours are possible, the colour blue was selected for the bike path as matching the scenery. It is still undergoing testing to check wear and sustainability, as well as research on reduction of cost.

Some pics:

The Polush bike path was inspired by a Dutch illuminated path that is based on Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night”. It is located in Brabant where van Gogh was born and raised. Unlike the Polish path, it uses LED’s instead of luminophores.


On the topic of bikes, how cool are these . . .

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