Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Focus on People from the Past - Oz

Sydney fashions 1956 

Royal Easter Show, date unknown 

Bondi Beach, 1890s 

Widening of Broadway along George Street towards Shepherd Street, 1930s 

1960 surfers Cronulla Beach, Sydney. 

Kings Cross milk bar 1946 

Ellen Kelly, mother of Australian outlaw Ned Kelly, ca. 1850. 

Ellen Kelly, photographed in 1911 at age seventy-nine, with two of her grand-daughters, Lil and Alice Knight, daughters of Ellen junior. She died in 1923. 

Vintage poster 

Children of the Rocks, 1912 

Mr A Wilson, publisher and family at Collaroy Beach, NSW Australia 1930 

Arthur “Mr Eternity” Stace 

Palm Beach, Sydney, Australia 1920s 

House of Merivale, 1970s 

Bob and Dolly Dyer, Pick a Box 1957-1971 

Woolloomooloo girl 1952-1953 

hild migrants swing on the ropes of the Dutch passenger ship, MS Sibajak, shortly after disembarking at Woolloomooloo, Sydney, 1953. 

Buying sheet music Sydney Markets, c.1911 

Shoeshine men, Park Street, Sydney, c1900 

Sydney Cricket Ground between 1895 and 1902, with the Members Stand in the background.

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