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Interesting as F. . . , continued


Caution: risqué site title and expressions of diverse opinions.

There is a wonderful website which is called Interesting as Fuck because it is . . . well . . . as interesting as fuck. The site can be viewed by clicking on the following link: 

Here are some more of the interesting pics submitted to the site as recently featured on Bored Panda, together with BP headings and some BP reader comments, viewable at: 

On This Day 40 Years Ago Terry Fox, A 21 Year Old Canadian Who Lost A Leg To Cancer, Began An East To West Cross-Canada Run To Raise Money And Awareness For Cancer Research. He Ran The Equivalent Of A Full Marathon Every Day And Made It 143 Days And 5,373 Km Before He Lost His Battle With Cancer 

Reader comments:

He was one tough SOB 

To date, over $800 million has been raised worldwide for cancer research in Terry's name through the annual Terry Fox Run, held across Canada and around the world. 

He started the Marathon of Hope, and now Canadians run Marathons of Hope every year in cities and town across the country to raise money for treatments. The marathons have raised millions and millions of dollars, all because of Terry Fox. 

I remember watching him on the nightly news as a kid, as he made his way across Canada. A truly great Canadian. 

ok, real talk. Can we stop referring to having the desease cancer as "battling cancer" because if the person passes away, it sounds like they were the loser. 

If the person passes away, they have definitely lost the battle, it doesn’t infer that they are a loser, but rather that they fought a brave fight. With your logic, everyone would technically be a “loser” at some point 

Every step would have been painful. It shows in his face. 

I still think he must have been superhuman... seriously. I've never been able to run even a quarter marathon, no matter the age - and I have **no** disease that would hinder it. Terry Fox... you deserve all the multitude of buildings/streets/monuments named after you. 

I was 15 and stood at the end of my driveway to cheer him on 

That prosthetic is ...unbelievable. Surely even 40 years ago they were better designed than that? It looks medieval! 

We have his statue downtown in Ottawa,Ontario, Canada. Drive by it every day. We have a Terry Fox Marathon every fall since his death. It is good for the world to know about him. He was truly driven. He asked that his journey continue, and it has. 

I've Been Training Myself How To Draw Photorealistically For A Little While Now. Here's My Best Sampling From Each Year Of Progress 

Now that's progress! It looks like you just straight up bought a camera in 2018. 

She did. The last two are most definitely photos. :OOO 

The detail on the skin is fantastic! it's always just the little things that you need to actually make it look authentic. great job! :) 

2016 was excellent but 2019 looks like a B&W photo. What a talent!! 

That's insane. 

It's amazing, but I don't understand the point. 

Holy s**t 

That's so impressive! At first, I thought the last two were photographs. 

You nailed it in 2018, that's amazing. 


What do you mean the last two are photographs 

Wait...these are drawn?? 

Being able to draw has nothing to do with natural talent; everything to do with practice. 

About 100,000 People Take To The Streets Of Warsaw Poland To Oppose Tightened Abortion Law 

Initially a Women’s Strike that was gradually joined by anyone, of any profession, denomination, any ideological inclination who wished to protest against the new anti-abortion act, against the oppression of women and the LGBT community, against the arrogance and financial scams of the ultra right government in Poland, against the cover-ups of the pedophilia scandals in church. It’s still going on, but nothing is changing for us. 

In case anyone makes anti-abortion comments: pro-choice isn't about the unborn children. It's about women's reproductive rights. Besides, abortion can't be murder if the embryo is not developed and born. It is essentially a clump of cells. Anyways, passing a law that legalizes abortion doesn't mean that women are going to be "killing babies" left and right. It means that we have a choice. For many years, women weren't allowed to decide for themselves. The fact that we aren't allowed to do what we want with our body, in the 21st century, is an astounding and stupid fact. If you use the excuse "abortion is murder" then you must think that a clump of cells is equivalent to a breathing human. It is not. If you aren't a woman, you don't have the right to control our bodies. If you don't have a uterus, then stop yapping about anti-abortion laws since you don't know what it's like to give birth. Giving birth can scar a person, both emotionally and physically. 

This may get some hate but I feel like abortion should just be a woman's choice I don't think men should be involved in the decision making, because it’s the woman's body. 

I personally don't have any opinions on abortion but I do love the fact that they are standing up for something they believe in together. They are united and are speaking out for what they believe in. That is cool 

So I guess Coronavirus isn't a thing any more. 

They look like ants! God this world is so grossly overpopulated. And yet selfish humans keep having babies. 

Honestly, after watching protests all over the place here in Brazil... Those are hit and miss, largely depending on government. In many of them, barely anything is done or changed, the protests evolve to encompass too many things, loses direction and either dissipates or turns into a civil war. There are places that have results and many where protesting is desperately needed, but... I'm strongly divided about it, is all. They are often either minor inconveniences to those in power or making an unpopular opinion seem stronger. 

On the one hand I agree completely - on the other hand I am SO concerned about social distancing at these events. I even think that some governments are trying to take advantage of necessary restrictions to push through unpopular legislation.. 

That's exactly what's happening in Poland now... 

With that many protesters, change WILL happen! 

Good grief. Look at ALL those people. 

The sad fact is that it won't change anything. The entire country could protest and they wouldn't change their ignorant law. 

Protesting because they cannot kill human beings? With all the methods existing to avoid a pregnancy? This is pure lunacy. Or something else? 

You're wrong. You are commenting without knowing enough about this protest. It is absolutely not about killing children on a whim, just because someone did not know how to protect themselves properly. The new law ORDERS women to give birth to TERMINALLY ILL children (children without brains, without developed lungs, etc.). These babies will be born dead or die a few days after giving birth, causing an avalanche of depression among women forced to give birth to such a child. 

Heart-Shaped Amethyst Geodes. Discovered Yesterday In Artigas, By The Mining Company Uruguay Minerals 

So cute, look at these two big guys with their matching BFF trinket. 

or maybe they’re in loooove 

They have stone cold hearts 

☝🏻But beautiful 😄 

These geodes can draw better hearts than i can! 

Hearts in hand and standing proud with a smile to boot! Awesome discovery! 

Such a cute couple:-) 

This is adorable. Would make a great Valentines card. 

That's actually just 1 geode, not 2. 

A Spring That Flows Through A Living Tree 

Tree wee 

Clever tree making sure it gets watered!! 

The Tree of Life! 

It's taking a piss 


The first water hydrant 

Fairies live there 

I don't know whether to be amazed or just weirded out 

What is the guy behind the tree doing??!! Looks like he’s playing pocket pool!! 

Certain Fish Skin Can Be Grafted Onto Burns And Diabetic Wounds. The Material Recruits The Body's Own Cells And Is Converted Eventually Into Living Tissue 

So you mean i CAN become a mermaid?! 

This seems to be called a xenograft (which also covers porcine and bovine acellular matrices used for skin grafts.) 


I notice the right leg was more affected than the left. I hope the treatment was successful. 

Off topic, I thought those legs were chopped of but there's a blanket 

Anyone who watches Grey's Anatomy saw that pic and was like, "Oh, yeah, talapia treatment" lol 

This looks very fishy to me :P 

I know it's good news and impressive but ewwwww 

Have you ever seen an untreated burn wound this size? This picture actually looks really great, there is not much redness, there´s no swelling, looks perfect. 

And this technique has also been used successfully on injured cat and dogs! 

Tilapia skin grafts started in Brazil in 2017 

Looks like an awesome tattoo! 

Do the fish have to first sign Donor cards? 

I recently saw this done on a veterinary show (The Yorkshire Vet?) to a puppy with a bad wound that would not heal. It was amazing! 

I know this must be a horrific ordeal for the patient and it's certainly good if it turns into more human looking skin, but my God, this just looks SO cool! 

Is it wrong of me to be a little bit sorry that it doesn't STAY fish scales? 

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