Monday, August 23, 2021


Memories are Funny Things is a short poem by English poet, Ms Moem.

From her website bio:
Mrs Moem, born 1980, is a British poet, author and spoken word artist. She has been writing poetry professionally since 2008. When she isn’t writing, she favours creative pursuits such as painting, calligraphy, photography, scrap-booking and cooking. She lives on the edge of the Lake District with her family and is mum to four amazing offspring.
My own poetic contribution:

There was a lady called Moem
Who liked to write while at hoem.
But her skills were worse
Writing limerick verse,
The ultimate test in a poem.

Memories Are Funny Things

Memories are funny things.
You hear your favourite singer sing
And all at once, that voice is stored,
Recognisable evermore.

You visit towns, you see the sights,
You feel the heat, you see the light
And that becomes a picture, saved;
A snapshot of a happy day.

And all you ever need to do
Is think about that perfect view
And all at once, you’re there once more
Seeing it as you previously saw.

A scent or sound can do the same.
A hint, and whoosh, you’re back again.
You’re in the room, you’re with the guy,
No matter how much time’s passed by.

And if you listen close enough
The voices of the ones you love
Will stay inside your clever mind
For you to recall, anytime!

So soak up life and all it brings
Cos memories are funny things
They’re weaved from all you see or do.
Make them good. It’s up to you.

    -  Ms Moem.

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