Monday, November 15, 2021


In looking up something in the Bytes archives, I came across the below item from November 3, 2014.

It is worthy of another outing . . .

I am indebted to my father in law for the following anecdote about Rex Harrison (pictured below). Rex is best remembered as the English actor who played Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady, getting a Best Actor Oscar for his performance, and for the title role in Dr Dolittle.

The anecdote told to me by Noel also appears in the IMDB post about him and I will quote that:

He had a reputation for being very abrupt with his fans. One night, after a stage performance of "My Fair Lady", it was late, cold and pouring with rain and there was an old woman standing alone outside the Stage Door. When she saw Rex, she asked him for his autograph. Rex told her to "Sod off", and the old woman was so enraged at this that she rolled up her program and hit him with it. Stanley Holloway, who had followed Rex out in time to see this, congratulated him on not only making theatre history but, for the first time in world history, "The fan has hit the shit!"

Stanley Holloway

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