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50 Things You Probably Never Knew Existed

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Yup That Exists


Sentient beings are forms of life that are aware of one's own existence, unlike, for instance, cooking clams live.




Archaeologists Unearth a Roman Glass Bowl Dating Back 2,000 Years in Pristine Condition

Sitting a few miles from the German border, Nijmegen is the oldest city in The Netherlands, and after a recent archaeological dig, it’s also the site that unearthed a stunningly preserved bowl made of blue glass. The pristine finding, which is estimated to be about 2,000 years old, is from the agricultural Bataven settlement that once populated the region. Featuring diagonal ridges, the translucent vessel was made by pouring molten glass into a mold, sculpting the stripes while the material was liquid, and using metal oxide to produce the vibrant blue. Archaeologists uncovered it without a single chip or crack.

Around the time the bowl was procured, Nijmegen was an early Roman military camp and later, the first to be named a municipium, or Roman city. Archaeologist Pepjin van de Geer, who led the excavation, told the De Stentor that while it’s possible the vessel was created in a German glass workshop in cities like Cologne or Xanten, it’s also likely that the Batavians traded cattle hides to procure it. In addition to the piece, van de Geer’s team has also uncovered human bones, pitchers, cups, and other precious goods like jewellery, which indicates the site was once a burial ground.



Smithsonian Magazine


See Prince Charles’ Watercolours of Landscapes Around the World
A new show in London features 79 watercolours by the British royal

The largest-ever exhibition of paintings by Prince Charles, heir to the British throne, is currently on display in London. On view at the Garrison Chapel in the former Chelsea Barracks through February 14, it features 79 watercolours of landscapes in England, Scotland, France, Tanzania and more. The Prince’s Foundation, an educational charity established by Charles in 1986, organized the showcase, which is described in a statement as the first “full exhibition” of his artwork. Charles previously displayed 50 of his watercolours at Hampton Court Palace in 1998 and 30 at the National Gallery of Australia in 2018.

Some of his watercolours:

Huna Mill in Scotland

A landscape by Prince Charles of Haughs in Glen Callater of Scotland.


View in South of France

Castle at Mey

Bodrum Castle, Turkey

Cottage at Balmoral Estate

No, this one isn’t by Charles, it is a watercolour by Adolf Hitler, The Courtyard of the Old Residency” in Munich, 1914.

Those wishing to read more about Hitler’s art can click on the following link to a previous Bytes post from 2013:

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