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The Queen became the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee on Sunday February 6 2022, marking 70 years on the throne.  The Queen’s coronation took place in June 1953 at Sandringham House, a year after her father King George VI’s passing.

As I have said many a time, I am pro-republic for Oz but with a lot of admiration for Her Maj and her lifetime of impeccable service.


More than 10,000 souvenir cups and plates made in China and sent to the UK have recorded that they are in honour of Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubbly:

The items are being promoted for sale as "Souvenir Stock with Slight Typo Mistake" and touted as collector's items.

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Some facts and trivia . . .


Her Maj:

The Queen has been involved and volunteered in over 600 charities, military associations, professional bodies and public service organisations.

At 95 years old, the Queen has a fair share of big birthday parties in her life, but because of the crown, the tradition of the Queen having two birthdays means she’s had a total of 140 birthdays during her reign.

Born on 21 April, she has kept up the royal tradition of an ‘official’ birthday, with hers typically falling on the second Saturday of June.

The Queen has visited numerous countries around the world and has had 94 official state visits during her reign.

Annually, the British public and around worldly citizens have watched the 95-year-old deliver her Christmas speeches since 1969. During these speeches, she touches on events that took place in the past year, including hardships, triumphs and hopes for a better new year. Last year, she paid tribute to her late husband Prince Philip who died aged 99.

Madame Tussauds wax figures are known for their depiction of well-known faces across the globe and usually, celebrities only have a few done in their honour. The Queen has 23 figures carved out to look like her, and her star power has attracted many visits, however, the wax figures are also done to keep in touch with her changing appearance over the years.

Over the last 70 years, The Queen has seen many prime ministers come and go in Downing Street. Famously political figures such as Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, Theresa May and Boris Johnson. The Queen has held a steady hand in the political realm and witnessed 18 elections in the United Kingdom.

Being a mother of three sons, the Queen oldest grandchild Peter Phillips was born in 1977, and seven more followed over the years. Her first great-grandchild, Savannah, was born to Phillips and his now ex-wife Autumn Kelly in 2010.

She now has 12 great-grandchildren in total, famously Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis who are children of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The Queen holds seven Guinness World Records, one of them the Royal Highness holds, is the record for most currencies and coins featuring the same individual, 45 countries.

As passports are issued in Her Majesty’s name, the Queen doesn’t need one to travel overseas. However, the rest of the royal family do require one.


The Jubilee:

A jubilee is a special anniversary of an event, especially one celebrating twenty-five or fifty years of a reign or activity!

Special jubilees are named after precious stones:
Silver jubilee, for a 25th anniversary.
Ruby jubilee, for a 40th anniversary.
Golden jubilee, for a 50th anniversary.
Diamond jubilee, for a 60th anniversary.
Sapphire jubilee, for a 65th anniversary.
Platinum jubilee, for a 70th anniversary.
Diamond jubilee, for a 75th anniversary.

Roll on the diamond jubilee. Does she send a congrats card to herself if she reaches 100?

The first British monarch to mark a jubilee in a significant way was King George III. The Golden Jubilee of George III on 25th October 1809 marked the forty-ninth anniversary of his accession and his entrance into the 50th year of his reign.

King George V was the first British monarch in history to celebrate a Silver Jubilee
The Silver Jubilee of George V was celebrated on 6 May 1935 to mark 25 years of King George V as the King of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions, and Emperor of India. It was the first ever Silver Jubilee celebration of any British monarch in history.

Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Silver Jubilee in 1977. She celebrated her Ruby Jubilee in 1992, her Golden Jubilee in 2002, her Diamond Jubilee in 2012, and her Sapphire Jubilee in 2017.

The London Underground has a line named after the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, adequately named the Jubilee Line.

The Jubilee Line’s colour is light grey, representing the silver colour of the Jubilee itself!

The Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth II is expected to be celebrated in June 2022, and will be the first time a British Monarch has celebrated a Platinum Jubilee.

Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee Pageant was allegedly the ‘world’s largest outdoor party’. More than 1 million people lined the banks of the Thames to watch 1,000 boats sail down the river!

There will be four days of public celebration for Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee – An extended bank holiday, from Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th June, will ‘provide an opportunity for communities and people throughout the United Kingdom to come together to celebrate the historic milestone.’


Her Maj, possibly fantasising that the cake is Meghan Markle

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