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  • (in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.
  • good or bad luck, viewed as resulting from one's actions.

Bored Panda recently posted an item on times that justice was served upon people who really deserved it. Here are some of those times with selected reader comments from that site, at:


Reader comments:

I don't condone violence; however, I don't believe in the "violence is never the answer." There are times when violence IS necessary, and this is one of those times. I wouldn't lightly take someone threatening me, especially my wife/family.

He totally looks badass to begin with! 👍 As someone who suffered armed burglary myself, I really hope the fcker got the just sentence.

Never underestimate the old men. They're not all frail and vulnerable.

Nor old women. Many are armed and dangerous!

I feel like that 24 year old was let off easy. That 73 year old could have killed him and claimed self defence!

Get out of my house. This guy has more threatening vibe than Clint Eastwood.

"and just like that he knew he had made the biggest mistake of his life" (the mug shot proves it. lol

Wrong house

I disagree, I think that little a**hole chose exactly the right house 😝

Why is everyone supposed to be "a Marine" ? Frank Corti, 72, is a retired British boxer who served with the Royal Engineers in North Africa from 1956-58. He was never a Marine or a hand-to-hand combat instructor

First interview question: "Tell me about a time when you made a mistake..."

Would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for that interview!

I wish I could vote for him. She was wrong on so many levels.

Her actions were a dereliction of her duties and she needed to be reprimanded for it. Her behavior was atrocious and it would be very sweet to see him win against her.

People can believe whatever they want. But if she wasn't willing to do her job duties, then she should have resigned. You can't stay in a job and refuse to do your work. That situation will fail.

I agree. It's not on the same level but it does remind me of the pharmacists who refuse to fill birth control because it's 'against their religion' ugh!

Too bad he wasn't allowed to run. But, she did get voted out.

He ran. He lost in the Democrat's primary. He was a single issue candidate with no actual plan on how to do the job. The guy who beat him (Elwood Caudill) trounced her in the general election and is running again this year for re-election. Also, the Fairness Campaign (KY LGBT advocacy group that ranks political candidates) endorsed Caudill over Ermold in 2018 and they endorsed him again last week.

A federal court of appeals has ruled yet again that former Rowan County, Kentucky clerk Kim Davis – who refused to provide marriage licenses to gay couples after marriage equality was legalized – does not have qualified immunity.

She's just another insane evangelical. you just can't win with those mental midgets.

What a great description!!

He didn't win the primary but the democrat who did took the office from her.

He lost the election but beat her in a Supreme Court case on discrimination!


I thought by now all criminals knew to turn their damn phones off when criming. Apparently Nazis didn't get the memo. Good.

Idiots. Racist idiots

99% of racists ARE idiots.

Sieg fail

Isn't this the point of burner phones??? You never have YOUR real phone on your person. Have they never watched any cop show EVER???? Stupid racist pieces of excrement.

From what I read on the outcome: "Each of the teens received jail sentences of differing lengths that were served on the weekends. They were also sentenced to probation and community service. All four will be eligible to have their hate crimes expunged from their record when they complete probation." https://www.ajc.com/news/national/teens-who-spray-painted-school-with-racist-homophobic-slurs-caught-through-wifi-info/FgFxWfW9hcjH4FkXRFWzXM/

OP you're just plain evil... Pull up a chair & have a drink

While I don’t condone candy related tantrums, I hope OP don’t plan to get kids if their first response to a tantrum is to slap the s**t out of the kid. Abuse is abuse regardless of behaviour. Here all slapping is illegal and would get you arrested in the store. There are better ways to teach kids.

When a kid, who should be looking up to their parents as the ultimate authoritarian, the most meaningful people in their little world, call their parents an explicit, derogatory term like it's the most normal, natural thing, you gotta know that kid has not had any discipline. If anything, the parents should be slapped.

After purchase, I would have opened and licked each one in front of the little toad.

Don’t forget to make loud mmmmmm Homer Simpson sounds

I just see it as a sign the kid has no discipline at home and isn't taught respect and manners.

No joke. That's what happens to people who have not been taught discipline and kindness. I bet that kid hears that kind of talk at home. Yep he will end up learning courtesy of the school of Hard Knocks.

If I ever called my mother a b***h, I would not be alive to comment this

Hitting a child when they're misbehaving is ridiculous. There are many ways to discipline children that are way more effective, and that give the child a way better chance to become a happy, well-functioning adult.

Sometimes It Pays To Have A Dirty Car. My Son Got Rear-Ended Last Night, The Other Driver Was Aggressive And Left Without Exchanging Info . . .

Jus 6

Note to self - stop going to the car wash every week; no matter how funny the brushes sound

Looks like the only damage is to the dirt.

Karma at her finest!

I dispute that the driver left without exchanging details. Vehicle details were most definitely exchanged. (And I'd love to have seem the driver's face when they realised their car had left its details behind.)

Classic Karma!

Plot twist got me 😧🤮

This one has appeared on BP loads of times, but this time it missed the punchline - the owner refused to press charges as it was the best laugh he'd had in years.

A satisfying bit of karma, although I admit I've gagged.


Well, that's sh**ty for a few reasons

A different kind of gas

I think it tastes worse than bitter

Omg that is the most vile example of karmic retribution I’ve ever heard of.

Delicious! I hope he never made it home before he ran out of fuel. Imagine walking home with the taste still in your mouth!


I often wish we had more specific honks to communicate better.

Yeah, like a sorry or a warning one, an angry one, or a "There's something on top of your car" one

To be fair, when another driver beeps their horn at you, it's hard not to interpret it as you being a jerk (even if you are trying to be nice)

It's really not though. You get to choose how you react to things, we're not mindless beasts that just react on instinct.

Sometimes I wonder if it pays to worry about others

No good deed goes unpunished!


Those are all blood donation buses - the words on top say "Donate Blood, Save Lives." Looks like the car parked in a medical vehicle zone.

That actually makes that selfish driver’s parking even worse.

The spot is that huge and they still can't stay within the lines? Sad lol

I hate selfish d***s like this. What makes them believe that they're more important than anyone else.


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