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To us here in Oz, watching a game of US football is reminiscent of watching prime movers smash into brick walls whilst smaller faster cars weave through the wreckage. Still, they do it well, their half time entertainment leaves ours for dead.

Remember when in 2011 Meatloaf performed at the NRL Grand Final in what has been dubbed the worst NRL performance ever? He said parts of his performance were out of time and flat because he was singing to a tape and could not hear the music in his earpiece.

He said of his critics:

"They're all like a herd of sheep. They all fall behind each other and smell each other's butts and that's how I consider them, butt smellers."


Donna Kelce had divided loyalties in yesterday’s Super Bowl –she had a son playing for each of the competing teams, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis and Philadelphia Eagles center Jason.

Her game day outfit split it all down the middle, including bag and shoes:

Following the Chiefs' 38-35 win, she consoled devastated Jason and then congratulated Travis, a bitter sweet finale.

Chiefs' Travis Kelce consoles his older brother, Travis, 35, after the Eagles lost Super Bowl LVII


I usually have my car radio on when driving home from work, between 7.00pm and 8.00pm it’s the Chris O’Connell Show on 2WSFM.

O’Connell has 2 sidekicks on the show with him: Patsy and Jack.

The evening before yesterday Patsy spoke about taking her dog Presley to the off lead park with her daughter, Audrey.

Apparently Presley is so huge that Chris wanted to know whether there was a 5 minute warning, such as an air raid siren, so that others could clear the park.

While still on the lead, Presley lunged towards a tree and sent Patsy flying, that is how big he is.

He also then took the opportunity to do a poo. Patsy said that she has finally got Audrey to assist in collection using the plastic doggie bags one ties to a lead, telling her to double or triple mitten if she has to. Audrey was not happy, Jack wanted to know if the deposit was so big that one had to bend at the knees.

Audrey carried out the task and walked away with arm extended, holding the plastic bag and the other hand pinching her nose.

Patsy said to Audrey “Throw it out when we get home” but Audrey only heard the “Throw it out.” She threw it behind her and it got caught on a branch in the tree, too nigh to reach. They looked for a stick to dislodge it but there were none so they had to leave it.

Chris thought that an elderly couple might be walking there the next day and it might fall on the old man’s head, prompting him to look around and ask “Who threw that?”

Jack said there might even be a couple who had spread a blanket and were having a picnic for Valentine’s Day when the surprise gift dropped.


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