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My wife and I like to spend time with our grandson, as we just did on Sunday morning. This is our grandson wearing Kate’s sunglasses:

It brings back memories of when our children were that age, which in turn brought to mind the words of the past Cottee’s Cordial ad, words that I mentioned to son Thomas.

It inspired me to repost that item from the vault, from February 18, 2014, today’s Bytes item.

Hopefully you will enjoy it and relate to it today.



Long before Aussie kids swigged Coca Cola and Pepsi there was Cottee’s.

The Cottee’s business was started by dairy farmer Spencer Milton Cottee (1864-1944) in 1927.

According to the Cottee’s website, Spencer Cottee grew passionfruit in addition to his dairying activities, with such success that he often had large quantities left over. Not wanting to waste it, he began creating the drink that remains well known today, Passiona.

It too was a success so in the 1920’s Cottee began to make other flavours of drinks as well. Demand forced the opening of a second factory with the business also diversifying by going into the manufacture of jams, jellies and peanut butter. During World War 2 Cottee assisted the war effort by sending specially produced jams and juices rich in vitamins to Australian soldiers serving overseas. The orange peels left over became Cottee’s Marmalade.

The 50’s and 60’s saw the company continue to grow. 1970 witnessed the company merging with General Food Corp USA to become Cottee’s General Food Limited, which was acquired by Cadbury Schweppes in 1984 which in turn was acquired by Asahi Breweries in 2009.

The products remain popular and the 1980's jingle “My dad picks the fruit that goes to Cottee’s to make the cordial that I like best” is part of the psyche of every Aussie kid and adult from those days. (How many readers used to sing the bastardised version: “My dad picks his nose that goes to Snottee’s to make the cordial that I like best”).

Some early pics:

Spencer Cottee at rear, with moustache

So why am I telling you all of this?

Because the Cottee’s speech ad that used to be on the Teev was one of my favourites.

Below is the text and a link to the ad on Youtube.

The ad finishes with the voiceover "There's a lot to celebrate when you're a kid. Lucky Cottee's makes a lot."

* * * * * * * *

Child Speaker: Listen, although these days may seem commonplace, with the clarity of hindsight they'll crystallise in our minds as our best! Jessica..

Jessica: Yeah?

Speaker: At your wedding to Nozzah we shall all set sail on the warm winds of nostalgia back to this happy place. The friendships. The adventures.

All: Yeah!

Speaker: The fun.

All: Yeah! (One of the boys blows a raspberry on his arm).

Speaker: But, we are not adults yet.

All: No!

(All clink glasses containing Cottee’s Cordial).

All: To the best days of our lives.

* * * * * * * *

Click on the following link for the ad:

* * * * * * * *

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