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The website ‘I Took A Picture’ at:
offers the public to post photographs they have taken and obtain critiques from others.

Bored Panda recently posted a selection of beautiful photographs from that site, which can be viewed by clicking on:

Below are some of those photographs, captions and selected reader comments.

ITAP stands for I Took A Photo.


ITAP Of My Cats Watching A Sunset

A purrfectly timed photograph! It makes me nostalgic for something I can’t quite grasp.

This looks like art!

Majestic! (And the sunset is nice, too. 😉)

I wanna be that cat

This is part of a story about two cats. You can feel it hanging in the air, the story that wants to be told. What kind of adventure did they return from, or are they about to begin? Will they go together or is one getting lost and the other waits at home? Are they waiting for their third friend, is that why their ears are in alert mode?


ITAP Of The Empire State Building Reflected In An Oily Puddle

Oh my god that is frikin amazing

This is a stunning work of art. I initially thought it was digital art with a mashup of Van Gogh or Munch. What this really is ... is ... SO much better Congratulaltions

And yet...the writing isn't backwards. Like it would be in a reflection.

Well spotted. They probably flipped it after

sky is interesting but deadly

I'm getting Van Gogh vibes ...

words cant describe the beauty of this picture, and the amount of time I spent staring at it :)

How Van Gough would have painted it.

ITAP Of My Cat In Tollymore Forest

So magical I wanna go there 🧙‍♀️

because of the cat?

this cat has a quest for you

Please tell me his name is Salem. :D

Those eyes are stunning!

So magical! It looks like the cat is going to lead you to a magical cottage in an enchanted woods.

great film poster !

I love that forest, now I needa go there

Itap Of A Boat In Fog

Reminds me of Bram Stoker's Dracula

That's the Black Pearl

The Flying Dutchman

Ghost Ship.

Giving me Peter Pan Vibes

Haunting is the first word that comes to mind.

ITAP Of A Man Painting Shoes On A Rome Street

It does look like a Renaissance painting! With the focus on the individual man, light and shadow, etc. I didn't even notice that!

He is one of the most gorgeous men I have ever seen!

HE looks like a painting.

I've waited for years for my husband!!! Address please....lololololol bit for real, thin man is a God!!!

Painting a shoe ? Is that a thing ?

Perfect lighting!

ITAP Of A Street In Versailles

The line of the trees and the road is so tight and straight, it looks like two different images!

If I were the photographer of this awesome shot, I'd blow the thing up and frame it on my wall so that everyone who came into my house would comment on it just so I could brag about it constantly. Well done!!

This is a great example of the vanishing point in perspective. Good for drawing practice!

ITAP Of My Cat

And two little tiger stripes on their nose. Honestly I could kiss the screen. What a heart-melter 💋

Those eyes are beautiful

I love his little freckled nose.

ITAP Of The Taj Mahal From An Alternate Angle

I love this. I've never seen a picture of the TM that wasn't a 'tourist' photo taken from the front.

I like this angle much better, the trees, the sunset colours, the kids playing on their bikes. There's just so many elements that make this a lovely photo, and it's a unique one, as you said, most pictures of the Taj Mahal are one and the same, taken from the front. It's nice to see a new angle.

Makes it more impressive. 💗

ITAP Of Some Snaky Steps

According to the photographer, this cool mural is in Guarda, Portugal.

This is awesome art!

That little girl doesn't like that snake much either!

What’s the deal with the kid? Are they about to fight or is she like a steampunk snake charmer or what?


ITAP Of A Girl Wearing Silk In An Above Ground Swimming Pool

Nightmare’s are born

Looks like it feels like being water boarded 😰

I always swim in my silk too

this photo worries me, I'm afraid she'll choke



Why would you wear silk in a pool?

For a photo op

No just no


Looks like birth

Emerging from goo.

I thought it was slime at first

Born From Water.... The Fish-maiden

Looks slimy and disgusting :(


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