Sunday, September 18, 2011



In today’s social networking age of Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and blogs, the following quotation from a letter in 1946, is even more relevant and apt:

"Now that I am finishing the damned thing I realise that diary-writing isn’t wholly good for one, that too much of it leads to living for one’s diary instead of living for the fun of living as ordinary people do.”

-          James Agate

James Agate (1877 – 1947) was a British diarist and theatre critic.One of Britain’s most influential theatre critics in the period between the wars, his dairies and records were published in a  series of nine volumes under the title of Ego.

In contrast, in the 1937 movie Every Day’s a Holiday, Mae West (1893 – 1980) comments “I always say, keep a diary and some day it’ll keep you.”

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