Friday, September 9, 2011

Funny Friday


  Today, some Irish humour . . .

Three Irishmen, drunk as can be, come staggering down the street singing Danny Boy at the top of their lungs. They stopped in front of Flaherty’s house, still singing. After a few minutes the window flies open and Mrs Flaherty yells out "Why don't you drunken sots go somewhere else.

"Would you be Mrs. Flaherty?" asks one of the drunks.

"You know damn well I am," she says.

"Well, Missus, would you kindly tell us which one of us is your husband so the other two can be going home."

When Saddam Hussein set the Kuwaiti oil wells on fire when facing defeat in the Iraq war, the Kuwaiti oil sheiks sought to recruit legendary Texas firefighter Red Adair to put out the fires.  Red Adair was the world’s best known extinguisher of oil well fires, even having had a movie made about him (John Wayne played him, of course).  Red received local recognition when he extinguished a fire and capped the well in Bass Strait.

When Red was first approached by a representative for the sheiks he replied that he was too busy, that he had more work than he could handle as it was but that his Irish cousin, Green Adair, might be able to deal with it. 

The sheik telephoned Green and asked  “Hello, is that Green Adair ….. ?”

“Yess, sorr, dat’s roight, tis me Green Adair at yer service …” said the voice at the end of the line.

“Mr Adair, that terrible man Saddam Hussein has set fire to our oil wells. Can you come and help us?”

The Irishman thought for a second and replied “Oh, I don’t know sorr, we’re awful busy at de moment . . .”

“We will pay you ten million pounds per oil well, Mr Adair” responded the sheik.

“Me an’ de lads‘ll be over in de mornin’ sorr …..” replied Green.

The next day at first light, a military jumbo circled the raging fires and then proceeded to land a short distance from the largest blaze.  The cargo doors opened and a battered dark blue truck came hurtling down the ramp and sped right into the middle of the flaming inferno. As it came to a halt all of the doors opened and twenty Irish navvies in jackets and boots jumped out and started to furiously stamp up and down on the flames and beat them flames with their jackets.

Eventually the fire was extinguished.  With  BBC cameras filming and people patting Green on the back, Green was approached by the sheik who said to him “That was magnificent, remarkable.  Tell me what you want and it is yours,  ask anything.”

“Well.” replied Green, “for a start, we’ll get the brakes on dat fockin’ trock fixed.”

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