Monday, November 21, 2011

Reader comments

From Byter Charles:

Re Dolly --- many years ago I was on a tour in Nashville, at the site of the Grand Old Opry, where many of the Country and Western singers performed. As we toured the dressing room area we were shown where the stars had their mailboxes, and it was pointed out that Dolly Parton had two ......

From Byter Steve:

I enjoyed the Bytes today, especially the Dolly Parton section. Diane and I saw her concert in Sydney on Tuesday night. She’s still got it – in fact she’s still got both of them!

Your assessment of her character is spot on – she’s a great woman, and her self perpetuated image is disarming (she’s make a great Lawyer!).

Some early Dolly parton pics:

Age 13


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