Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Round Tuit


Sometimes, in your mind, an association is set up between something and something else.  When you hear a particular song, it may remind you of a time or event; a perfume may remind you of a person, an expression may bring to mind a person who used to use it.

So it is with the following item.  It is corny, even cheesy as we used to say when I was younger, although I believe that young people these days no longer use that word.

But, whenever I hear someone say that they will “get around to it”, it comes to mind.

Round tuit:
Noun: A circular object giving its owner the ability to get done everything that would otherwise have been put off to a later date.  By giving one to someone, it is suggested that the recipient is a procrastinator.

The idea of the round tuit is believed to date from the 1964 World’s Fair.  The term first appeared in print in the 1970’s.

Various websites offer round tuits for sale, including one site that purports to sell historical round tuits:  the gold Egyptian Round Tuit of Neffartuit, the bronze Roman round tuit presented to Procrastinatus; and the twelve gold medallions that were minted in Arthurian times for the twelve knights of the Round Tuit. The fourth medallion is a contemporary design for the 21st century:

There are hundreds of sites selling numerous versions of tuits, round and otherwise, here are some examples:

As I said, corny, even annoying, but it is now planted in your mind as much as it is in mine.  I will wager that, from now on, when someone says “I’ll get around to it”, this will come to your mind as well.  Nyahh hah hah (evil laugh). 


  1. My late father in law, this was one of his most used comments, one year we bought him one , he loved it , had it framed, it hung in his workshop till his passing, dont know what became of it then good memories....

  2. Shall post a comment one day when i get around to it .


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