Monday, May 28, 2012

Noah and Ark


Some quotes from Noah and the occupants of the Ark:

“Maybe I shouldn’t have brought the termites.”

-          Noah

“Pleased to meet you, George, my name’s Arthur.”
-          One unicorn to the other aboard the Ark

Alternative version:

“Help!  One of the unicorns just fell overboard.”

One day, God speaks to Noah. "Noah", he says, "I want you to build another Ark."
"What, like the last one?" asks Noah.
"Yes," replies God, "Except this time, I want it to have 14 decks."
"And shall I lead all the animals into it, two by two, like last time?' asks Noah.
"No, this time I only want you to lead fish into it".
Noah is a little puzzled. "Just fish?" he asks.
"Yes," says God. "In fact, just carp."
"Just carp? Why carp?" Noah quizzes.
"Well," says God, "I've always wanted a multi-storey carp Ark!"

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  1. I don't want everybody to be confused about this; when God said an Ark, I think it's spelled "A"-"R"-"K". Just some phonetics, that's all...


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