Monday, September 24, 2012

Art: Shaka

Ever heard of Shaka? Not the Zulu leader from the early 1800’s but a French artist, Marchal Mothouard, who goes by the name Shaka. His art is bold, dynamic and, for some, disturbing and confronting. 

Some comments: 
  • Words that have been used to describe his art works and style: incredible, amazing, awe-inspiring, vibrant, colourful, original, stunning, shocking, geometric, striking. . . 
  • I came across Shaka’s works while looking up a reference on street art. Shaka, like Banksy, creates works that are sold (nearly all his sold works are in private collections) and public/street art. 
  • What is striking and stunning about Shaka’s works are the vibrant colours and that some of the works are three-dimensional. Arms and hands reach out of murals, faces emerge from walls, the art works seem to be coming alive. 
  • Revolt and rebellion are common themes, which is why some viewers are confronted and shocked. Discomfort is another common feeling. One commentator has described this theme as “a symbolic fight for freedom”. 
Some works:


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