Sunday, September 30, 2012

Photographs 2012, Part 1


Continuing Readers’ Week . . .

Today’s item is from Byter Leo, a series of photographs from around the globe in 2012. Because of the large number of photographs, they will be posted in parts over the next few weeks. Thanks, Leo.


Leo's email:

With half of 2012 in the books let’s look back on some of the most amazing photos to come from this period.

A seahorse inspects a diver's watch:

An illuminated snow tunnel in Russia:

Everybody was kung fu fighting:

The honeybee’s first & final sting:

Street artist Sainer goes big in Poland:

Mount Rainier casting a shadow on clouds:

First contact:

The Irish Sky Garden crater:

Moon bridge in Dahu Park, Taipei:

Flight of the devil rays:

Gásadalur Village in the Faroe Islands:



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