Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Pic


The Monday Pic today is a family picture. As regular readers of Bytes will know, I usually try to avoid posting too much personal stuff so as to avoid it becoming the equivalent of the old slide night (young people: ask your parents what they are). 

Nonetheless for the next 3 Mondays I am going to post a pic of each of my kids. I came across them whilst cleaning shelves and found some photo albums (young people: ask your parents what they are). In each case they have an appeal, imho, beyond a mere family photograph. 

The first pic in the series is of my son Thomas: 

The photo was taken when he had just turned 13. Whilst helping unload the grocery shopping, he walked past me just as I was doing something with my camera. I asked him to pause and lift the rockmelons (US readers: cantaloupes) that he was holding a little higher as I aimed my camera. He realised what I wanted to capture and he entered into the spirit. 

The expression says “I know this is naughty and cheeky but an adult is letting me do it so I am getting away with it!” 

I asked Thomas, now 23, whether he would let me post the pic and he responded, “Okay, but I'm embarrassed at the shirt.” In his defence, the shirt (those coloured markings are surfboards) was mine and he only wore it around the house. In my defence, it was given to by my mother and I didn’t wear it. Perhaps the appropriate place to post this pic is on the website Embarassing Family Photos. 

This is Thomas now: 

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