Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Reader Comments

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Leo, commenting on the Pete Seeger post: 

Otto, his (half) sister, Peggy, performed at the Illawarra Folk Festival last January, She was fantastic. 

(Note: Peggy Seeger was born in 1935 and is a muso and singer, playing the guitar, banjo, dulcimer, concertina, autoharp and piano. She has lived in Britain for the last 30 years. Hubby Ewan MacColl wrote “The First Time Ever I Saw Your face” in her honour. Like brother Pete, she ran foul of McCarthyism and remained a dedicated activist. 

Kerrie on the Pete Seeger post: 

Great article, Otto. As a child of the 60's I have spent my share of time at protests and have been listening to Seeger for many years but did not know his story. I did not realise how old he is. 

Robyn on photorealistic art and the pic of Acacia skating: 

A fabulous photo - the reflection on the concrete slab is "painterly". A bit of photorealiasm in reverse. I'm with you ( I think) on the photorealism question; whilst I am aghast at the skill entailed why not just stay with the photo especially now they can be transposed to just about any surface including canvas. To me the art is in the interpretation of a subject ( or non subject) and the expression thereof in paint (or other medium). I especially enjoy the sculptural qualities of oil paint as exemplified in Ben Quilty's portrait of Margaret Olley. There are also a couple of awe inspiring examples at the White Rabbit Gallery. 

Leo on the pic of Acacia: 

Your kids will kill you for doing this.


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