Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Amazing Pathways

The following pics were sent to me in an email by Byter Leo. His photo display finished with the words “May the path your life takes in the next year lead you to fun and adventure, love and peace. Have a Safe, Healthy and Happy New Year!” 

Who would have thought that Leo was a Jaffa, hard on the outside and soft on the inside. (For the benefit of overseas readers, Jaffas are round lollies with an orange flavoured, hard outer shell and soft chocolate centre. For those old enough to remember, they were famous, or infamous, for rolling down the sloping floors and steps of darkened movie theatres). 

Anyhoo, back to the topic, which is Leo’s collection of pics entitled Amazing Pathways. . .

Thanks, Leo.

One final thought:

Don't confuse your path with your destination. Just because it's stormy now doesn’t mean you aren’t headed for sunshine.” 

- Anonymous

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