Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Pic

The photo below shows red dust blown out to sea ahead of Cyclone Narelle on 9 January 2013, at Onslow in Western Australia. The cyclone did not cause the storm although the storm was in a cloud band related to thunder storm activity due to the cyclone's presence. Strong wind gusts and rain caused the storm to dump the sand and dust which it had gathered while passing Onslow. 

Some other pics of the same storm: 

Some other impressive dust storms: 

Above 3 photographs: Phoenix 2012


Stratford, Texas, 1935

Dust blown into Sydney from Lake Eyre, 2009

Oklahoma, during the Dust Bowl years 1931-1939 

Some other pics of the 1930’s Dust Bowl dust storms:

Egypt, 1926. Just kidding, that’s some special effects from The Mummy


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