Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Quote

Paula and Scott Bailey with baby Madison, who was born in the carpark of Nepean hospital 

''That's pregnancy, love. Suck it up, princess. You don't know what pain is but you will when the baby comes.'' 

- Alleged comment by a nurse at Nepean Hospital 
to patient Paula Bailey, who was about to give birth and who was sent away. 

Nepean Hospital is a 520 bed hospital located at Kingswood, near Penrith, about 50 kilometres west of Sydney CBD. It is where my daughter, Acacia, was born. 

(When Acacia was a 9 week old baby and unwell with projectile vomiting, the doctor at Nepean diagnosed gastro-enteritis and advised giving sweetened condensed milk, notwithstanding that Acacia was unable to keep anything down. A demand to see a paediatrician was only acceded to when  Acacia projectile vomited in front of the resident doctor.  After examination by the pediatrician there was a revised diagnosis of pyloric stenosis, a constriction of the intestine. Acacia was immediately admitted to the Children’s Hospital at Camperdown and operated on.)

Nepean Hospital

Recently Nepean Hospital has been in the news for sending away two pregnant women who needed admission. 

The following extract , which contains the above quotation, is part of a news report from yesterday’s Sydney Morning Herald
On February 7, an overdue Michelle Trotter presented at Nepean, only to be sent home with Panadeine Forte and sleeping pills. Two hours later, she was back, having given birth on her own kitchen floor.  
Just two days later, a heavily pregnant Paula Bailey arrived at Nepean Hospital with her husband Scott, only to be sent home three hours later without any medical assessment.  
When Mrs Bailey aired concern, a nurse allegedly replied: ''That's pregnancy, love. Suck it up, princess. You don't know what pain is but you will when the baby comes.'' Mrs Bailey's waters then broke when she arrived home, triggering a frantic dash back to Nepean.  
She once again failed to gain assistance - resulting in her baby, Madison, being born in the hospital car park at 3am. 

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