Tuesday, March 19, 2013

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From Byter Kara:

Hi Otto  
Just wanted to mention my son also underwent surgery for pyloric stenosis. In his case at six weeks. He was spilling/vomiting from birth, quietly in his sleep at times, and lost two pounds before being diagnosed. I was sent to the hospital by my (fantastic) midwife who had relinquished care after three weeks. I called her after the weight loss became obvious and I was getting the blame for Bill's 'failure to thrive". She came to my home and immediately got us to hospital. When being examined by the doctor Bill quietly vomited but his stomach contorted and looked as if it was full of snakes! From what she saw the doctor immediately stated pyloric stenosis, though as you know projectile vomiting and a distressed baby are the normal symptoms.  
We were told the condition is also more prevalent in males and often runs in families. When my husband later spoke to his mother (in Holland) we discovered one of his nephews had gone through the same thing 20 years earlier. Bill now 17, 6 foot 7, and very robust! I have seen from the occasional photos that pop up that Acacia is also doing well!  
Kind regards  
PS:  The one and the same midwife, far from turning me away, spent an entire night with me at our local maternity hospital, when I though I was in labour with son number two. It was somewhat embarrassing when she drove me home at 7 am the next morning. Davey was born two days later. It was in the early nineties that the local community fought successfully to save the hospital, my boys were born in '95 & '97. 
Thanks, Kara.

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