Tuesday, December 5, 2017

A reader writes . . .


An email received yesterday from Tim B in response to the anti-Trump protest signs:
Get a grip Otto, 
Why piss off some of your Byters with this anti-Trump BS. Or why don't you post some of the anti-progressive crap that these members of the Democratic Party and leftist arseholes are doing. 
The folks holding those signs have no idea that what they are protesting is democracy itself. These folks can't get over the fact that Hilldebeast was a worse choice and the informed voters realized this.
Enjoy your bytes but wish you would give equal time. 
Thanks, Tim.

My purpose in posting the Trump protest signs was to provide some humour, the signs being witty and original. Trump is an easy target because he makes himself one, it is much harder to find humorous anti-Clinton signs. Witness the following . . . 

and those were the best that I could fin.

Whilst I can’t give equal time to funny anti-Clinton signs, because I can’t find any, here are some funny protest signs generally . . .

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