Saturday, January 20, 2018

More pics of bygone Sydney

Sorry if this is of little interest to those outside Sydney. For those of us inside Sydney, the locations shown are quite familiar to us today so that the changes seen are both cause for thought and fascinating.

Excavation to build Wynyard Railway Station in Sydney in 1928

Wool ships at Circular Quay in Sydney in 1900.

St James Corner, Sydney in 1935

Sydney, year unknown

Aerial photo of Sydney with Hyde Park in the centre, St Marys Cathedral in the forefront. Year unknown...possibly 1929

Petrol bowsers, Bent Street Sydney c.1928.

Gowings building George St, Sydney built in 1929, it was then the tallest building in Sydney

Bridge Street Sydney 1866,

King's Cross Theatre in 1930s

Corner of Market and Pitt Streets, Sydney in 1890s

Blues Point looking towards Balmain and Goat Island, year unknown.

Broadway and City Road, Broadway, Sydney in 1954.

King St, Sydney from corner of George St, looking eastwards in 1880

King St, Sydney looking west towards Pitt and George Streets in 1900.

Children in Sydney slums, mainly Surry Hills, Woolloomooloo, Redfern, 1949

Redfern slums

A tram traveling from Sydney City to Rose Bay in 1900.

Milk Bar Central Railway Station, Sydney 1946.
Compare this with its earlier incarnation as a soda fountain/kiosk, c1923:

Another image from 1946, Central Station milk bar, Sydney

The original Woolworths store, located in the basement of the original Imperial Arcade,Sydney (year unknown).
Btw, Woolworths in Australia has no connection with Woolworths in the US.  Woolworths Limited, the Oz one, was founded in September 1924, originally under the name "Wallworths Bazaar Ltd.", a play on the internationally renowned F. W. Woolworth name. After discovering the name had not been registered in Australia, and Woolworths had no plans for overseas expansion, the company became "Woolworths Limited" on 22 September 1924.

George St North, Sydney (year unknown).

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