Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Some more New Year pics . . .

Yesterday I posted some images of past New Year’s Eve celebrations. The new year has started but it is still recent enough to post some more pics. Tomorrow I will post some vintage New Year cards, today some images of people introducing the new year. In a lot of cases, these are somewhat corny symbolisms of the old year departing and the new year arriving, the latter often using a young child. Bear in mind, however, that these pics date from days before computers, before computer generated images and before photoshop, so that New Year stories and celebrations in magazines and newspapers were often accompanied by these staged scenes. The images were also used as promotional material for Hollywood actresses and, to a lesser extent, actors.

Silent movie star Myrna Loy introduces 1927

Dorothy Lee and Thelma White, New Year 1930s

Actress Alice Faye introduces 1936

Actress Olivia de Haviland offers a welcoming pose for 1937

Actress Thelma Todd forges ahead for 1932

This one’s for you, Steve . . Diana Dors bursts forth into 1948

A sleigh ride to start 1936

Actress Rhonda Fleming, year unknown. Her main years were the 40s and 50s and she was nicknamed the "Queen of Technicolor" because her fair complexion and flaming red hair photographed exceptionally well in Technicolor. What, you hadn’t noticed the complexion and hair?

Janet Leigh bursts through a calendar, 1955

Clara Bow, known as the “ ‘It’ Girl”, busts out for 1928. Btw: the story about Bow and the USC football true is a myth, see https://www.snopes.com/movies/actors/clarabow.asp

Vera Ellen displays a new manner of running the hurdles. It never caught on.

Shirley Temple introduces the 1937 New Year 

Silent film actress Merna Kennedy, year 1932

Another of Clara Bow, this time with Larry Taylor, 1925

Comedian Eddy Cantor welcomes 1954

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