Monday, September 10, 2018

Some Photographs of Pau Buscato

Pau Buscato is a photographer who was born in Spain and is based in Norway. His photographs of coincidental moments try, according to him, to recapture the imagination and play of childhood: 

“It’s a game for me, and the city is my playground. As we grow into adulthood we tend to lose our sense of play. We build walls to appear stronger, more serious, more adult; and so we leave behind that part of us that made us kids, the part that turned our backyard into wonderland and that tree into a fortress. And that ability to fantasize and see the ordinary through a child’s eyes is an essential part of my work.”  
“I like to think of my photos as interpretations of the world and not mere re-presentations. Of course, some pictures fall closer into the second category, in the sense that they basically describe what was there, but I actually prefer the ones in which I can participate more actively, through an idea or poetic element, to extract from the banal another possible reality; to be able to turn something into something else.”  
“Quite often on the streets someone or something catches my attention without any apparent and rational reason, and then something happens that gives sense to it and shows me why I waited there. It’s quite surprising and somehow proves that intuition is more useful than pure reason while out there.” 
Here are some of his shots, taken at various places throughout the world:

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