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Ugly Belgian Houses, Part 4


Continuing extracts from the Facebook site Ugly Belgian Houses, photographed and posted by Belgian architect Hannes Coudenys, who has made it his mission to document architectural fails.  To read his reasons and story, click on:


Gallery (with Hannes Coudenys’ titles and selected reader comments) from:



Reader comments:

Looks like a built-in bus stop

Hopefully the mask will protect it against homesickness.

Please restart Windows

Explanation- window tax? Divorce half way through build? Hoping for early legacy? Lost 7/9ths on a bet?

All in all it's just another brick in the wall

Waiting for a few ambitious contractors to start playing Tic Tac Toe here

Daylight is overrated anyway

When the battle between the left wing and the right wing got ugly.

Stuck in the middle with you.

My house is your Picasso

Tell the truth - someone's just hoping hoping to get a Banksy on it and make a fortune!

When the architect did the drawings in Word.

Fantastic Art Wall, get your spraycans

The roof, the roof, the roof has expired

That crooked window is what is bothering me the most.

In the UK we have listed buildings....this looks like a listing building

Looks like an optical illusion indeed! Is it?

I never knew Picasso designed houses..😳

This makes me dizzy.

Exsqueeze me

Clients asked architect to design a home that would match their mailbox. Well done!

They need to be careful with strong winds from the sides

For narrow minded people?

Not everyone takes quarantine equally serious

It’s like 2 pictures added together

I see a red roof and I want to paint it black...

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Image may contain: house and outdoor, text that says 'Loading.. 50%'

I should stay inside

I love the ‘eyelashes’ on the tower windows... 😄

3 garages on the first floor, nice!

They have it also in lego !

Cinderella's retirement home?

The architect had a vision (problem)

I think the architect made a spectacle of himself there

Darth Vader

Windshield wipers were optional?

That entrance looks like a pressgang for cattle and a door on either side. Please explain.

You have to stay inside but you don't have to throw away your door

When I said skip through the door...that's not what I meant

And use the garbage for social distancing the postman

Somewhat cubist, phallic mailbox.

There's a secret entrance through the container. 

By Frank Lloyd Wrong

The statue... The mailbox... It's almost art !

It's like a nuclear bunker they forgot to bury. And just out of interest, is this the front or the back door? It seems more like a fire exit in any case...

Not everybody's great at origami.

That round window in the font door as contrast to the diagonal shapes finishes it..

He had the plans... but one page was missing 

The statue of misery

Amazing. I admire his/her nerve though: Someone who unapologetically knows what he/she likes.

Pompeii is demolished by a vulcan. Atlantis by a flood. The Acropolis in Athens by the British. Why, oh, why is this still preserved.

Chrishhht on a bike! Think I've spotted the Venus of Misere!

Stop.... please stop.... and tell me it was all something you made in photoshop....

At.least this was an attempt to beautify the neighbourhood.

Horrible but someone's pride and joy. You have to admit it's well looked after

Crazy that there are sidewalks next to this archaeological heritage.

This house is clearly not finished yet....Must... Add... More...

It'll be nice when it's finished...sorry....I mean demolished. 

Split personality

Interesting how the house on the left is just slightly off in everything.

with an arch-emperor as divider 

Jesus Christ

Everything can be a grotto if you're brave enough.

Something to frighten small children with.

I love how ridiculous it is the owner still leaved a neo-classical part between the garage and the Virgin Mary.

Where is it? I feel an urge for a pilgrimage

Not Jesus Christ, but Saint Mary - of - the - Garage.

In the name of the garage 

Four Stogi oh no

This gives a whole new meaning to "colour coordinated".

If this house would only be able to say 3 words... It would be: "please kill me"

The only saving grace is that the bottom left hand window appears to have teeth...

The house would look a lot better with the walls painted in the national tricolor.

My eyes hurt

Omg patchwork 

Go home house, you’re drunk

Never judge a book by it's cover...

That will happen a lot more in the future if we don't act now! Global warming is real! Even houses start melting! 

When your house is a penis but you’re not allowed to show it

Nope, this is the penis house . . .

When zombies will invade the world these guys will be the only survivors, and you will be sorry you laughed.

It's a police safe house. On a disclosed location:

The ultimate minimalism:
No door, no windows, no roof.

You better not show this to Mr. Trump.

Far better than the ones on the left and the right.

Love it

I like it, whatever it is 

Reminds me of 'The Scream' by Edvard Munch and that's exactly what I'm doing.

Come on! It's Halloween! Next week it will be back to normal.

Reminds more of Greta Thunberg

Houses that look like Hitler

It looks like one of the Transformers...

Is this house Hitler or Chaplin cartoon?

It's actually Elephant Man



I was going to make the last instalment of Ugly Belgian Houses but there are still so many on the site that are such face-palmers that there will be some more in the future.


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