Monday, July 20, 2020

Art: Alexa Meade

Friend Graham sent me an email last Saturday on the art of Alexa Meade. Here is Graham’s email: 

Hi Mr O,

Is it real life, or just a fantasy, sang Freddie Mercury but here’s the next step.....

Alexa Meade (born 1986) is an American installation artist best known for her portraits painted directly onto the human body and inanimate objects in a way that collapses depth and makes her models appear two-dimensional when photographed. What remains is "a photo of a painting of a person, and the real person hidden somewhere underneath." She takes a classical concept, trompe l’oeil, the art of making a two-dimensional representational painting look like a real three-dimensional space – and does the opposite, making real life appear to be a painting. 

Graham sent the following pics:


Mr G 

Thanks G. 

Here are some more Alexa Meade pics, followed by a special item:

What I really want to show you about Alexa Meade, however, is an item from a Bytes post dated February 13. 2017 – “The Color of Reality”. Well worth the read and well worth click on the link. It is made all the more significant and poignant by the current focus on Black Lives Matter . . . 

. . . I discovered an amazing short video that is well worth the watching. It is amazing because of the artwork involved and in the poignant message it conveys in just a 5 minutes and 41 seconds. 

See the film by clicking on the following link:

The film stars Jon Boogz and Lil Buck, and features the artwork of Alexa Meade. It was made by Jon Boogz and Alexa Meade. 

Not wanting to spoil the delight of first viewing, I won’t comment on the film or its story. Readers wishing to read about the making of the film, the persons who made it and feature in it, and the motivations of the those persons, should visit the following site but only after they have viewed the film: 

Late last year the film was shown at the beginning of each hour on a building in Los Angeles. 

I would be interested to hear how you react to the film.

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