Thursday, July 30, 2020


Just as one Herr Shicklegruber caused the name Adolf (and the toothbrush moustache) to become verboten in our modern age, so recent protests, publicity and instant dissemination via social media have caused the name “Karen” to become a pejorative term for white, entitled females, making its future as a baby name dubious. 

We’ve all seen these Karens on the news: middle-aged women berating shop assistants and demanding to speak with the manager; calling the police for nonsense reasons, often with a racial bias; complaining at having to be quarantined free of charge in 5 star hotels or for having to wear masks. 

Recent local Karens include: 

- Bunnings Karen and Bunnings Karen 2.0, who refused to wear masks at Bunnings whilst shopping, complaining of violations of their rights when asked to do so and berating the shop assistants who politely requested that they comply with store policy. 

- K Mart Karen in Victoria, who also refused to wear a mask because it was against her religion 

- Brighton Karen (Victoria), who declared she was walking 10kms from her home because she was bored with walking in her own area, Brighton

The use of a female name as a derogatory terms is not new. In the US before Karen the name Becky was used to denote privileged and entitled white females, before that in the days of Jim Crow the epithet used by slaves to denote the privileged white women was “Miss Ann”. 

One local Karen has lightheartedly, but seriously, said “Enough.” Her name is Karen Hayes and she is the CEO of Guide Dogs Victoria. This Karen, whose home city Melbourne remains in lockdown,  made a Facebook video to proclaim that she is one of the 'good Karens'.

Her words are worthy of being more widely disseminated.

You can watch and hear her by clicking on: 

Here is a transcript of what she said: 

Hi, I’m the CEO of Guide Dogs Victoria and my name is . . . Karen. 

But I’m one of the good Karens. 

I wear my mask to protect others and help Australia get back to work sooner. 

I don’t pet guide dogs when they’re working. I don’t throw my groceries out of my trolley like a toddler when I’m asked to sanitise my hands. 

I respect the rights of indigenous Australians, and Live not yet “done all of Brighton”. 

And no, I don’t want to speak to the manager, unlessI want to commend them, of course, on their fabulous frontline staff. 

I’m here today to reclaim the name on behalf of the Karens who do the right thing during this pandemic/ The ones who self-isolate at the first sniffle or throat tickle, and the ones who don’t carry on down at Bunnings. Well, unless they don’t have any snags. 

I know there are good Karens out there and it’s time we come together and show the world that it’s #NotAllKarens. 

So I call on you, the Karens and Kazzas of the world, to unite as one and stand up as bright shining examples of the Karens you want to see in the world. 

Be a good Karen. 

Wear your masks. 

Stay kind. 

Stay home. 

Together we can stop the spread of CoronaKarens. 

Don’t be a “Karen”, Karen 

The Onya For the Day goes to Kazza “I’m not one of those Karens” Hayes . . .

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