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“The Beautiful Impossibilities that We Want to Live In” is a website that is dedicated to posting pics and images of impressive architecture, structures and buildings, so much so that it subtitles itself Architectural Porn. Visit the site at:

Photographs from that site were featured in a recent post on Bored Panda at:

Here are some gorgeous pics of impressive works, with the captions and some reader comments, from the Bored Panda post . . .

Semi-Destroyed In 1979 By The Earthquake In Albania. Rebuilt Two Years Ago:

Some reader comments:

It's beautiful, I won't argue that, but hopefully the new architect thought of future earthquakes and made this house more structurally stable so it doesn't happen again! That glass doesn't look too earthquake-proof...

Looks great. Such a cool way of having Old Style meeting Modern Style.

Some people have great vision. This is fab!

Reminds me of kintsugi-the Japanese tradition of repairing broken things with gold. By integrating the modern glass into this building, they've managed to preserve a part of its history (the earthquake)

Yes, exactly what I was thinking. They could have repaired it so it looked undamaged but they retained the damage so it tells that part of its story proudly.

I would love to see the inside.

Love that window! Bet if you change your clothes in front of it, with only interior lights, you can see right through it.

This looks like part of the actual design or the planned architecture of the house, love it!

The Russian Ministry Of Agriculture, In Kazan:

Awesome building, Always liked it. Whoever decided to put mirrored glass behind the tree made the right choice ;)

Reminds me of the tree of Gondor :) gorgeous!

That is a sculpture of a tree, right?

Looks like the entrance to a magical land!!

Fantastic design and illustrating roots of humans in trees

EXQUISITE...... I thought architecture like this was dead. This century has been nothing but boxes. This is so so so amazing.

A true tree of life.

That’s so beautiful! It’s like nature’s natural guard of a beautiful building

The Art Nouveau ‘Gran Hotel Ciudad De México’, 1899, By French Architect, Jacques Grübe:

Wow!! Is it real??

Looks like the ministry of magic or something! Wow

Older architecture is just better... it looks way better than the straight lines and lack of colour we have these days

This kind of work takes a lot of craftspeople detailed time and significant investment. It would add millions to the cost of a new building. It's too bad we don't value it nowadays.

I know the architects deserve commendation for such neat designs but TBH I'm more impressed with the people that actually built it and figured out how to install it.

The Sistine Chapel of stained glass!

Hah, puts me very much in mind of the remark that "If Michelangelo was straight, the Sistine Chapel would have been painted cream, with a roller".

I would love to see that lite up at night

This Spiral Staircase Carved From A Single Tree In 1851 - Located In Lednice Castle, Czech Republic:

From a single tree?? That’s impressive.

Presumably not in one piece though

Oh, my goodness, what an absolute wonderful piece of art, that will last and last . I’d love to walk down this

It’s amazing, but I cant’ help but think how magnificent that tree must have been before it was killed to make a staircase

In the castle park (worth to see, it is beautiful park) there are oaks (I think it's oaks) so huge that four of us barely hug it...that magnificent

The craftsman who created this were geniuses and probably didn’t get paid nearly enough.

It is also carved in an irregular oval to fit in the space, rather than circular, which requires much more complex engineering

In person it must be breath taking

Absolutely stunning and a testament to human determination and creativity, though I'm certain that tree must have been a stunning creation as well. If I were a tree and my time was over, I would want to be turned into this.

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