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“The Beautiful Impossibilities that We Want to Live In” is a website that is dedicated to posting pics and images of impressive architecture, structures and buildings, so much so that it subtitles itself Architectural Porn. Visit the site at:

Photographs from that site were featured in a recent post on Bored Panda at:

Here are some gorgeous pics of impressive works, with the captions and some reader comments, from the Bored Panda post . . .

Pavillion Of The Enlightened, Bangkok:

Reader comments:

I feel enlightened just looking at it!

This comment sums it up perfectly

I agree. It's like I feel ZEN just looking at this!

It looks like a mutant artichoke. That's not a bad thing. I like artichokes. But I didn't expect to see one here.

I think of cactii and magical spiked back toads in this beauty. A place to really feel at one with self. Building it all in the waters quite a feat as well.

Aww man I wish I had known about it when I was in Bangkok.

Wisteria Blossoms Surrounding The Entrance Of A Victorian Townhouse In San Francisco:

Asian wisteria is invasive in the US and I'm pretty sure the only US native wisteria is specific to the east coast. Wisteria is pretty, but please stop planting invasive species. Native plants are pretty, too.

Wisteria can also cause severe damage to wood structures! It twines into every crevice & can literally pull a building apart.

It's like a waterfall of flowers

OK, I know it doesn't look like it but this reminds me of the house from Charmed lol, and both make me want to move to San Francisco lol

Okay....I only mentioned the invasive "personality" of wisteria NOT for this home as it looks well under control...BUT for anyone who, in this forum, oohs and aahs and wants to plant some, themselves, I just wanted to forewarn you of its potential tendencies of destruction of one's home. This one, to repeat, is beautifully taken care of along with every other aspect of it.

I thought it was a wedding cake. It’s absolutely beautiful! I just hate that the neighbors are so close.

Reminds me of pictures from the 1800's

So beautiful I love Victorian homes.

True Victorian style, looks like lace

Yeah, it's pretty, but NOT architectural - planting a wisteria, or any tree/shrub/bush is gardening, or if you want to get all fancy with it, call it landscaping. And planting a wisteria right up against your house is flat-out stupid - without constant cutting back, that vine is gonna pull the porch apart.

A Spiral Staircase Designed By Leonardo Da Vinci In The Year 1516:

It’s amazing how something so intricate and detailed was designed and built so long ago.

Old buildings are more likely to be intricate and detailed because 1) it was the taste and 2) it was a mark of power and wealth.

It almost looks like fabric! What beauty

It's like a conch shell.


Because of the golden ratio !

I've seen this in person and it's just incredible!

Staircases in wood and stone were built long before this one, but here he had the freedom of someone else's money

It looks alive

Amazing how he could take rectangular blocks of material and turn them into weightless circular beauty.

It was designed as a double spiral staircase even though seems to be a single ramp yet the two ramps never cross. A central newel enabled courtesans to see each other from one spiral to the next, but never to cross paths.

It's in France, Chambord castle : It's a double helix staircase

We had a similar one at my old university. But ours had a groove in the pillar in the middle. I always wanted to put a marble in it and watch it roll down. I was afraid it would jump out and smash the modern glass door at the bottom.

Kansas City Library:

All of the book titles they used were former 'banned' books, makes me love it all the more!

Fahrenheit 451 was banned?

I'm from KC, and one other amazing thing is, this isn't even the library. It's the parking garage next door. The library itself is housed in a century-old former bank building with marble columns, massive bronze doors, etc. - very fancy and very traditional. This parking garage was built just across the street in 2004.

I wonder if they change the book spines now and then.

No, they don't change them. The library board solicited recommendations from the citizens of Kansas City, and then the board chose which titles to use. The installation was done in 2004, and is installed on a parking garage across the street from the actual library. The library is in a huge old former bank building that I worked in back in 1970!

I love this!

This is so cool!!!

Which Kansas City?

Downtown KC, MO :)

Kansas City, Kansas?

WOW! My brother lives there and when I visited he neglected to show me this. We must have words......

'Farenheit 451', well played.

Love it......

My new reading list. Thank you Kansas City Library!

There should be an unspoken rule about library architecture; it needs to spark creativity, put a smile on the face and create a sense of mental awe. Nothing less than what a good book does when you read it.

I love it - but each book should be a genre, like mystery, childrens', romance, etc., with a door to go in at the bottom of each book

Wonderful concept

We Kansas Citians call it the Community Bookshelf. Here's a link, you can "read more about it".

Love it especially Catch-22

What fun! If the book fronts' covers come from paint, I can't imagine having the job to repaint every few years.

They're 'printed' on mylar. Not done by hand.

I've been here. It's amazing. I didn't even know it was here. We were just driving around and I was like OHMY! It was so fun to discover with my kids who were still small.

Oh ☹️It’s not architectural it’s signs made from metal 😏

Sorry, it IS architectural - it was designed by an architect. And it's printed on mylar.


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