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I have previously posted examples of design fails in fields such as advertising, architecture, construction, fashion and display. Most of them leave us scratching our heads, wondering how anyone could have been stupid enough to come up with them, much less that they passed through various hands and stages to actually be implemented.

There is a reddit site called dangerous Designs devoted to such design fails that not only fit into the above but are much more worrying in that they can cause fatalities, a cause for even more head scratching.

Bored Panda has featured some of the reddit examples and I post a selection of those, with the pics, headings and reader captions, from:

The reddit site is at:

Cursed Airbag:

Reader comments:

Man, if the airbag deploys, she's gonna be hamburger!

Claymore mines aren’t known for their cleansing energy.

The brown/red "crystal" poking out on the left is gonna hurt. But hey. Vibe up.

I feel like this is a Darwin award winner here

One must be dead in order to be nominated for the Darwin. Rules regarding age and if the person has children apply too. See

What crystals ? Those are pebbles from a riverbed. And the glue did wonders for that steering wheel.

Some music suggestions to play in that car... Nirvana with "I hate myself and want to die" and Pet Shop Boys with "I'm with stupid", probably also Green day with "American Idiot"

Not to mention what a terrible job of arts and crafts. All that glue everywhere!?!?!

Those are polished stones. Not crystals. LOL

Absolutely stupid and looks like s**t anyway.

I hope those are healing crystals.

We'll see her on the Darwin Awards website one day

She's never going to be able to resell it! Also, how do you honk the horn?!? Not to mention those rocks are going to do significant damage when the air bag deploys. Not one of her brighter ideas!!!

if it at least looked good... but it doesn't

Similar Design, One Can Kill And One Tastes Good

This should definitely be illegal

Being British and remembering the Tesco super white goods this does not surprise me. Every one of their "White Label "goods had a label like this. They did everything from all types of food to all kinds of cleaning products and everything in between. The only different was what was written on the product telling what it was. All these products were at the bottom of the price range ie very very cheap I think the bleach was only about 45p.

This is Malaysian. While the British Tesco does use similar labelling, their bottles are much more distinctive.

Would there be any liability on the part of the store or manufacturer?

I guess it would depend on what the other side of the bottle looks like, and where this is sold, but most places require toxicity, pesticide, and hazardous material warning labels and symbols, usually on both the front and back of the label for a product like this

The bleach does have a difficult to remove security cap fitted to it as do other dangerous liquids in the UK.

Yikes! That is a lawsuit waiting to happen...

And the dangerous one looks cutest! O.O

I’ve sprayed my hair with Lysol. Twice.

The bleach needs a skull and cross bones icon right at the top

I see we learned nothing from the Victorian era.


This is so unpractical! Such a waste of space!

But what if you want to park your airplane? Ever thought of that?

Opsie daisy granny

Wow, a fun fair at home - whenever my parents left I would be riding that :D

with all my friends

Why does this automatically make me think: TEXAS!?

Howdy, partner! What about this made you think of Texas?

Wow, what a total waste of space and money ! .

How do you know the space is wasted if you don't know what it's used for? Perhaps it contains a laundry, food storage, storm shelter, safe room, any number of things.

where's granny? OH SHI-

Picturing my grandma on the porch made me laugh too hard at this.

Maybe it's a neighbourhood that bans visible Garage doors?

The DeLorean of front porches.

it's PERFECT !! -- for Batman's secret bat-cave entrance.

I feel bad, but the caption made me giggle.

Thunderbirds are go!

Children’s Playground In 1912


The kid is on a swing. Look carefully.

that "swing, is way too high up to be reached by a child

There's a ladder right next to it...

Not the middle one (the one who looks like he's about to kick bicycle guy in the head.

I can see three on them on there, all occupied. I guess you'd have to climb up and let yourself down...

Its a swing but he looks dead tho

Since this was taken in 1912, he probably is.

Wait... No, he's on a swing. Phew. But still KID GET DOWN FROM THERE.

I fell just as far out of a cherry tree in 1951 when I was five years old and no worse for the wear.

good for you! So why don't we test your theory and put all children in a cherry tree and see how they fall! You were lucky, weren't you?

KID is NOT falling, he's swinging with head back to get a lot of lift! But this whole contraption is ridiculously dangerous!

One less coal-miner.....

whoever survive graduates. fun

Only thing missing is the sky high metal slide. The one that caused 2nd degree burns in the summer. I miss these playgrounds. They were awesome

We played on one with sharp bits of metals sticking out, it was our favourite play park because it felt dangerous 🤣

In the 1910s, The weak did not survive

We still had playground equipment like this, though not as tall, in the mid to late 60's and 70's

Looks like our playgrounds in the 1970s and 1980s, just a bit higher. WHEE!

Bet they were great fun and kids learned what being silly and irresponsible cost

Doctors got good business from it.

I would've loved that as a kid!

i saw a vox video on how more dangerous playgrounds are actually safer for kids, i don't think they were talking about this though.

Safer and more educational because they learn their capabilities and limits. That's why German playgrounds are way more "dangerous" then US ones.

Oooh, in my country we had similar playgrounds even in the 1990's :P

not a thing wrong I can see except kids are not in bubble wrap

I do this with normal playgrounds and no-one stops me... Not a damn person.

Contraception was very ineffective in 1912, so people found other ways....

Some of those children are still alive and tough as a fencepost. Survival of the fittest. Darwin would be proud

Tough, sure, as if alive the youngest would be 119 years old now !

I thought I saw a kid falling, ant then noticed the kid was on a swing.

Seems Legit…

Please don’t tell me, that’s people there ready to use it 😳🙆🏼‍♀️

I won't tell you, but you'd best believe it

And this is why I don't ride things at parking lot fairs.

bumper cars is the way 2 GO

"Summer lovin', had me a blast, summer lovin', a whole-body cast, met a girl, barely a teen, she survived, but for her spleen."

Actually this is very common with travelling funfairs. A lot of the time you don't see it because of a skirt around the bottom.

That’s frightening... and I totally believe it. I’ll be checking for this from now on

Are there no regulations for these places?

These are very temporary setups, a week at most. Put together by locals hired right off the street for the 8-12 hours it takes to get it all together. By the time any inspectors get around to checking on them, they've usually packed up and gone. The bigger state fairs are usually a little bit better, more likely to have at least a cursory inspection

I pray that isn't supporting the entire ferris wheel

It's only supporting the corner of the operators platform. The wheel itself has its own chassis.

I don't not go to traveling carnivals. Some are great I'm sure but I won't be the one to test them.

I can’t believe that anyone with half a brain would set this up!

Money, money, money.

Disaster brewing...

We had something like this in our country a few years back. Had been open for about a month until someone noticed and reported.

Oh good gawd!!! That's an accident waiting to happen!!!

Branding Is Everything

And the tagline... 😱

Better tagline would be "suicide guaranteed"."

Just change the "i" to an "n"

It's the name of the hawrdware store. It's their store brand.

Yes. We have one around the corner. It’s from a Taylor’s Do-It

Guess I'm the only one who sees nothing wrong with this. From a hardware store, they go in your scraper for scraping paint, stickers / paint off glass etc.

It's the name they're referring to. "Do It" on a box of blades. I guess it's not good for people with suicidal tendencies

Review: doesn’t cut deep enough. But affordable so only 2 stars.

If these blades are so great then why would the victim need five of them?

In Central America "Do It" is the name of a hardware store chain

Sure, but bad wording to have on a box of razors....

Die on first try, or get your money back


I don't see a problem here... this is perfect, if you can't get into and out of the garage, you don't deserve to drive

Sure, it's absolutely no problem that you are creating a hazard for the people below you and that you'll need emergency services when your car falls through halfway.

The bump at the beginning of the left track just adds a little more zing.

I like how there's a bit of a curb there too, so you can't just ease in. Nope, gun that s**t and hope for the best!

Handy for changing the oil in the drivewy

The left track appears to be too close to the side. You'll have to sacrifice safety AND a side mirror

Reverse park level: Extreme.

Given the rest of the picture, would you even get a car over that curb and into the garage?

I think this is not complete. A metal plate is going to be installed on the concrete.

I like your optimism. I really do. ;) (And I hope you're right.)

Love the bars on the front window--like they're expecting a visit from Spiderman?

but what about the wiring going into the "house"?

I Love My Country, But Sometimes...


person found electrocuted in local park.

One of the most comical events of my childhood involved one of those pop up sprinkler heads. My baseball team was playing our rival team, at their park. There was a puddle of water on the third base sideline, RIGHT in front of our bench. We noticed it was bubbling, and the other team's coach kicked the bubbling spot. Immediately a sprinkler head popped up and sprayed him up and down. But it only got funnier from there.... the coaches from the other team then got it back into place, came over with some rakes to try and spread out the puddle and dry the area up, and as one coach was raking, the other coach leaned over to pick something up off the ground.... right as the coach with the rake decided to rake over the sprinkler head again. It then popped back up, and sprayed coach #2 directly in the face. As a 15 year old that was hilariously funny. As a 34 year old, it's just as funny to remember watching that comedy of errors happen to our rivals.

Those are actually built to prevent water ingress, otherwise, how could they be outside when it rains

I'm pretty sure any electric box that is outside exposed to the weather, storms, hurricanes, etc, is gonna be safe around a sprinkler.

How would you like to be the electrician crouching to check the circuit?

I want to know which one of these was put here first

Sorry, Wheelchair Users!

Looks like something kids would play on

...catching a lot of splinters in the bum.


Xtreme wheelchair games

Any disabled person strong enough to get up that slope in a wheelchair could probably hand walk up the steps anyway - no doubt carrying the wheelchair in their teeth at the same time.

Yep. But, seriously, I can't imagine that you could even get the traction to not just slide down. And it's so steep, you'd likely tip over backwards. Maximum pitch for a legally compliant wheelchair ramp in the US is 1:12.

You can certainly leave in a wheelchair

...leave this world perhaps.

Weeeeeeeeeeeheeeee! Freestyle downhill wheelchairing! 🤘🏻

I think businesses that do this JUST to be ADA compliant, should be fined double. I bet / hope that was put on there as a joke. This may be a ramp to slide stuff down, rather than carrying it. Firewood, boxes, crates, something.

Finally, a use that makes sense, as this would not be considered a legal wheelchair ramp anywhere in the world. A prankster put the sign on.

Hope the wheelchairs have good engines

and brakes

It looks like it should be used for ski jumps .

They should be cited for wasting lumber!

This Bike Track In Zagreb, Croatia

For... Jumps?

yeah just make sure to stand on the pedals... I learned that the hard way

We often have to scrape knee skin from the pavement here

Well be glad they painted it red so you don't have to power wash blood as well

London east end cycle paths around 2005 were very much like this. Not everywhere, just enough normal bits to relax you into trusting them, then suddenly BOOM something like this in the mix just to get you.

That's not paint. That is blood!

WOW I Hate To Hit That Speed-Bump At Full Speed !!!

Really not hard to jump a curb

Solved the problem of the bike path and skate park in one single stroke of genius!

It's fine for Mountain Bikes

there's a ramp on the opposite curb. it might be one way?

You had one...oh, doesn't matter anymore...

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