Wednesday, October 13, 2021


President John F. Kennedy was visiting NASA headquarters for the first time in 1961. While touring the facility, he introduced himself to a janitor who was mopping the floor and asked him what he did at NASA.

“I’m helping put a man on the moon!” said the janitor.

Christopher Wren, a seventeenth-century English architect walked one day unrecognized among the men who were at work upon the building of St. Paul’s cathedral in London, which he had designed.

"What are you doing?” he inquired of one of the workmen. The man replied, “I am cutting a piece of stone.”

As Wren went on he put the same question to another man, and the man replied, “I am earning five shillings twopence a day.”  

A third man he addressed the same inquiry, and the man answered, “I am helping Sir Christopher Wren build a beautiful cathedral.”

Where is your focus?

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