Sunday, December 26, 2021


‘Twas the night after Christmas and all through the house
All the creatures were snoring, and so was my spouse.
Twenty five December, the day of good cheer,
Has now been and gone, that’s it for this year.

The family together is what had been planned,
Christmas dinner, that would be grand.
Elliot, Helen, Thomas, Archer and Jess.
With Acacia by Facetime, she's in the US.

We’d wrapped all the presents, bought all the food
And awaited the arrival of the family brood.
We all anticipated this time so desirous
But it crashed when Elliot contracted the virus.

No contact or meeting, not even a maybe,
Especially where there’s a 4 week old baby.
The get together was this year blown,
Kate and I spent Christmas on our Pat Malone.

It wasn’t just us that had to cancel this way.
Six thousand positives in one single day!
Isolations, masks. many Christmas flights off.
And if you’re in public, don’t you dare cough.

Let’s focus on what we should be happy about
Instead of the things on which we miss out,
Not just at Christmas, it has always been thus –
There’s plenty in Rookwood would change places with us!

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