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The website Bored Panda recently featured a selection of items from another site ‘Righteous Memes from Generation X’. That second site can be viewed by clicking on:

By way of comment and explanation:

Generation X, or Gen X, is a term describing the generation of people born between 1965 and 1980, although some sources use slightly different ranges.

The terms for generations are  commonly:


When born

Greatest Generation

1901 – 1924

Silent Generation

1925 – 1945

Baby Boomers

1946 – 1964

Generation X

1965 – 1979


1980 - 1994

Generation Z

1995 – 2012

Generation Alpha

2013 – 2025

The above website depicts what Generation X remembers from their day, their comments, observations and responses.

The Bored Panda post can be viewed by clicking on:

The following selected items, pics, headings and reader comments are from the Bored Panda site.


Reader comments:

Koko was incredible

I'll take the downvotes: Koko was arguably not more incredible than any other gorilla. Gorillas are smart, it's not surprising if she remembered Fred took his shoes off. But she didn't know sign language as the myth goes. For every right sign she'd get rewarded for she did 10 wrong ones, meaning she likely did random signs. Added to that the researches weren't even good at sign language themselves, making a lot of meaning out of nonsense. The truth is seldom as flattering as a good story so I get if people won't like to read this but that's sadly the case. It doesn't make Koko less amazing in my eyes, gorillas are incredibly endearing animals, sign language or not.

Apparently Koko was also a fan of Robin Williams. When told of his passing, Koko signed the word "sad". Also, I just read this on Koko's wikipedia page: "Koko was reported to have a preoccupation with both male and female human nipples, with several people saying that Koko requested to see their nipples."

Yeah lol I just saw that too

We’re not the only intelligent ones. And we’re not the only sentient ones. Lesson not learned.

Google the video of Koko with Robin Williams. It might make you cry. RIP, Robin, Mr. Rogers and Koko.

My absolute favorite cartoon!!

Same here!

As I got older, I felt I understood Wylie Coyote more and disliked the Road Runner.

Tom....Sylvester....Wylie....Elmer....Adulthood makes us see them all in a new light.

That’s actually not a real road and trees behind that boulder. It’s an elaborate painting on the side of a mountain

"Meep, Meep!“

That dang Acme failed him again

Hahahaha that is genius

Not so funny to those of us that lived through it. Well... Maybe a little funny.

I just tell them that we had much better weed back then.

Rosemary's Baby??

Village of the Damned

It's just a little harder to find this funny given that there are people who are still in prison after convictions with no physical evidence (just 'witness' testimony) from the Satanic Panic in the 80's. So yeah, it's funny except for the nonmetaphorical witch hunt that happened around the same time.

I remember the uprising. Well, some of it. Now that I've had a moment to think about it this never happened. (Whispers: I'm sorry master I forgot I'm never to mention it again.)

Them demons just figured out how to make their eyes human. Demon people everywhere.

I actually miss that.... It felt so good.

You still can, but at several hundred dollars a pop, make sure it's worth it.

The best part is, they were made for it. You could smack that thing a hundred times a day, IT WAS A FRICKING TANK

Those bakelite phones had decent sized real bells in them. If you slammed it down you got a sort of ring/echo effect from the bells inside. I wasn't in the habit of slamming phones but those things could have been used by Mr. Plum in the study instead of the lead pipe.

And then leave it off the hook to really bake their beans!

Or unpluggjng it so you didn't have to hear the "busy" signal

Maybe that's why everyone is so on edge these days. Can't properly relieve the tension of an infuriating phone call.

That little ding when you slammed the headset down so hard you rattled the casing aaahhhhhh BLISS!

Those old dial phones were bullet proof

Basically indestructible. Watch films from the 60s and earlier and see just how often they serve as the blunt force trauma object of choice.

Spare him his life from his monstrosity.

He did the fandango

Freddie Mercury left everything to his mother in his will. She lives modestly in next suburb to me despite getting royalty income that would make the 6 stars of Friends think "woah!"

Thanks, thanks a lot. I nearly choked on my food.

Can you do the fandango ??

Dropping science like Galileo dropped an orange.

Oh Momma-Mia, Momma-Mia...

I was 5-6 yo, so everybody at the high school was at the end of their lives for me.

Stockard Channing is the best Rizzo though

The best thing about the whole film.

She was 33 when she made the movie.

Sonny (Michael Tucci) also pictured was 31. John Travolta (Danny) was 23. Olivia Newton John (Sandy) was 29!

Even as a kid this had me questioning things. I remember wondering if I was going to look like I was in my 30s when I graduated HS.

I was 9, I had no idea! I remember being very impressed by that movie, though. When I look at it now, it's so old fashioned! But it still has its charm, like it used to.

Well now that I'm middle aged they look like teens again. But for a solid 10 years they actually looked like average adults to me.

I got to know the routine of shows usually watched each evening. If it’s Tuesday at 8pm it’s “Combat” on channel 4, after it’s over I promptly get up and change to channel 7 for “Maverick”. I didn’t need to be told. I just got up and did it. Auto tune. Who knew? A kid ahead of my time.

In the US, Tuesday was Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley. Saturday night was Love Boat and Fantasy Island. Sunday was All in the Family and (yuck boring) 60 Minutes. Hated that ticking clock.

Does anyone remember that if the knob broke, the pliers came out to turn the tv? 😂

I knew my dad considered my friends to be family if he asked them to change the channel.

Remote control AND antenna adjuster.

Ugh I was the youngest when we had the old tv with the dial, being the remote is not fun.

That's no lie either. Our old console tv sometimes didn't turn on and it was my job to get behind it and start wiggling the tubes. When I got shocked, I knew it was working.

That was me! My parents ate dinner in front of the TV while my older sister and I ate in the dining room. Every few minutes, my mother would call for me: "Come change the channel!", "Turn up the volume!" "Turn down the volume!" Come to think of it, they also called me to turn the heat up or down, bring the cheese, take the dirty plates... etc. I used to bet with my sister how many mouthfuls I could eat before they called me again. To be clear, the called me and not my sister because she was "the smart one" and I was "the helpful one".

Don't forget to reposition the rabbit ears.

Get me a beer and change the channel

We Had These!!!

They came with every house.

Anyone remember Tupperware in pastel colors like avocado green?

Large serving bowl and salad bowls. Large wooden fork and spoon on the wall.

I have a couple trays out of that material.

We HAVE these. And replace them from a local restaurant supply store. They’re about two bucks each. They call them “chip bowls” where we get them.

I have these in my kitchen right now. I used one for cereal yesterday.

Around our house, it wasn't salad unless it was a mound of iceberg lettuce served in one of these with a bunch of Thousand Island dressing on top.

Not to mention the t-shirt (or top whatever)

It was called a muscle shirt, now known as a crop top 😅. My son says we used to dress "zesty." 😂😂

And you just KNOW he lit the sparkler with the cigarette.

You don't want to see me in that shirt.

Who's been stealing from my family's photo album?

I had those shorts but in red.

Aren't we still plugging in a whole bunch of wires into the back of our TVs?

Yup, now we just have to remember which device is plugged into which HDMI port.

Honey, I'm old enough to remember when we only had black and white TV and were happy to get NBC, ABC, CBS, and PBS.

A lot of electronics still come with those.

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