Sunday, April 2, 2023


"Get that shit off the air !"

- Kerry Packer

Australia holds the honour for the fastest cancellation of a TV show.

In 1992 Doug Mulray, who passed away last week, hosted a one off episode of Australia’s Funniest Home Videos called Australia’s Naughtiest Home Videos. It contained sexually explicit content, including animals having sex, couples having sex in parks and a child grabbing a kangaroo’s scrotum. Kerry Packer, the owner of the Nine Network which was screening the show, was informed of the content by friends while having dinner and tuned in at the point with the kangaroo. Packer rang the station and angrily shouted "Get that shit off the air!" The series was taken off a few minutes later and replaced by a repeat episode of Cheers. The station told viewers “We apologise for this interruption. Unfortunately, a technical problem prevents us continuing our scheduled programme for the moment. In the meantime, we bring you a brief, alternative programme.”

In 2008, Bert Newton justified the broadcast explanation: "It's technically very difficult to keep a show on air with Mr. Packer on the phone, yelling at you."

The next day Packer told his management that he considered the program to be "disgusting and offensive shit." Mulray and many of the staff who were involved with the creation of the special were fired, and Mulray was banned for life from Channel Nine.

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