Monday, May 1, 2023


Byter and regular contributor Sue P sent me an email headed Ephemeral Artist with a link to the art of Hannah Bullen-Ryner. The item can be accessed on the following link sent by Sue:

Thanks, Sue.

For some artists the beauty of art is not preservation in a museum or gallery but in the thing itself, however transitory or ephemeral. Chalk artists don’t seek that their art be permanently preserved, does a rose or a butterfly cease being beautiful simply because the beauty is temporary?

The art of Hannah Bullen-Ryner is an example.

The following is from her website at:
Using only natural materials found locally and no permanent fixings, each piece I form is inspired by the organic shapes of the natural environment around me.

I create to share my love of nature and to soothe my soul.

Welcome to my little pixie world...

​After sharing almost daily on my Facebook and Instagram pages, I'm often asked to sell prints of my creations. Some of these are then offered for sale in my once a month 'releases'.


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